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Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Basketball |

5 Great Tips for College Basketball Recruiting

5 Great Tips for College Basketball Recruiting

college basketball recruitingIt’s the dream of every high school basketball player that those unending practices, tiring fights, exhausting games and costly equipment might translate some day to play basketball on the collegiate level. However, less than 10% of all high school players play at a NCAA-member institution and among those too only one third receive a scholarship. Therefore, it’s necessary that players and their parents know whatever they can about this daunting, tough and often discouraging process called recruiting. Here are some  college basketball recruiting tips that will definitely help you to get recruited.

1. Coaches should Notice You

Playing in just your local high school may not be sufficient today. Everywhere there are AAU tournaments all through the summer. You should play there. Talk about this to your coaches. Do research on the internet to find how you may be involved. If possible, consider your practice as your job. Know that the more you practice, the better education you will get for what you have paid.

2. Good Competition

Find some well-known and tough fighters to play with. You will get the real pleasure in playing to such highly recruited players and you will also get a practice of the real play.

3. Practice at Game Speeds

Playing NBA or Madden live is not going to help you in being a better player. You should get out and play; that way, you can show your competence when time arrives. You can’t say who would watch you and select you.

4. Don’t Blame Others

Many people, when asked if they have played high school sports, blame some other factors, for example, “I would have, but I chose to focus on track’ or ‘Coach hated me’ etc. Don’t blame others. Remember that the best players play. If you determine to play, you will play.

5. Do Marketing of Yourself

Have someone to shoot you while playing and send the reel to coaches. Today there are easy and digital ways to do it. Coaches are interested to see these tapes. They are always in search of an exceptional kid. Several times they even send those to junior colleges or other coaches to make the player be seen. So, do marketing of yourself.

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