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Posted by on Mar 7, 2015 in Basketball |

How to Watch March Madness Online while Staying Uncaught

How to Watch March Madness Online while Staying Uncaught

March MadnessThough your boss is keeping a strict eye on you, you don’t want to miss even a second of this year’s March Madness tournament and can do anything for it. The best way to enjoy all the action is to watch NCAA basketball online. Here are some amazing ways to do that while staying undetected.

Let me first tell you that is a place where you will get popular live streaming websites. They allow you to enjoy the tournaments not only at your home, but also on the go with literally any platform you can imagine, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon Kindle Fire and on your desktop or laptop too. Unfortunately, you cannot watch all the matches for free, and for some matches you will need a paid cable TV connection. You can stream all games on CBS for free, but will have to pay for those aired on TBS, TNT and TruTV.March Madness


Tips and Tricks

If you want to hide your enjoyment (and of course, you will want that) from your boss, here are some tips and tricks to remain uncaught.

Wireless In-ear Headphones: Watching all the action keeping the sound mute is altogether out of question, but the idea of wearing two large cans isn’t excellent either. So, rather than wearing the huge over-ears and exposing yourself to the risk, go the one-earbud way. It’s just efficient, low profile and doesn’t affect your ability to recognize the footsteps of your boss approaching you.

Tab-hider: There is every chance that some or the other of your superiors will walk by your workspace and take a quick look at your computer monitor, when you will need to put the live video stream out of sight of your bosses. For this purpose a “Boss Button” has been provided by NCAA Live site that creates a fake window with a pie chart. It may not perhaps withstand an in depth scrutiny. Instead you are recommended to use the Panic Button and set a custom keyboard shortcut which can be utilized to run it fast.

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