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Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in Basketball |

The Immense Popularity of Basketball

The Immense Popularity of Basketball

basketballBasketball comes under one of world’s most captivating sports, both for players and spectators. It is a simple game which needs only a ball and a hoop. Whenever players shoot the ball through the hoop, they score points. Due to the immense popularity of the game, a number of youth basketball leagues have been established all over the world. Visit where Christian Laettner conducts excellent basketball training program. Christian Leattner was having one of the brightest college basketball careers. He is passionate about teaching every intricate detail of basketball to his disciples including children and adults.

The popularity of basketball is due to numerous reasons, like:

A Fun Sport

Basketball is an absolutely fun sport. Its pace is very fast and exciting. Moreover every player on the court gets a chance to play both – offense and defense. Basketball can largely be practiced easily (like dribbling or shooting). Plus, the sport offers a great fun even with one-on-one play as well as with 5-on-5 play. So, you need not have a big crowd to enjoy the game.

Simple Gear

All you need to enjoy a nice basketball game is a ball and a hoop. Most playgrounds across the world have hoops, so that you can get a chance to play with only a ball.

Fun for Spectators

Because of the fast pace and excitement, basketball offers a lot of enjoyment even if you are not actually playing it.

An All Weather Sport

Another plus point of basketball is it is an all-weather sport. It is indoor sport, but can be played even outside in driveways or in parks. So, you can enjoy the play any time of the year.

More Goodness of Basketball

  • Both boys and girls can play basketball
  • Basketball is a game which can be enjoy by people of all ages – it’s a welcoming sport
  • Basketball is great for kids, because being a team sport it develops teamwork, cooperativeness and leadership skills in the child, along with confidence and self esteem.
  • Basketball is a safe and relatively inexpensive sport
  • Basketball is international
  • Basketball players get great pathways. Children playing the sport can represent their school, association, club, state or even country, and also can keep an ambition to play in national leagues as well as overseas.

Thus basketball is an extremely enjoyable sport for all people – children, adults, boys, girls; it can be played anytime and is inexpensive and both – the players and the audience enjoy it equally. No wonder, its popularity is growing day by day.