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Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Basketball |

Why Your Kids Should Play Basketball

Why Your Kids Should Play Basketball

basketball kidsAre you looking for an entertaining physical activity to get your kids off the couch? Have you considered basketball as a sport for your daughter or son? Playing basketball can help your kids learn team-building skills and basic coordination, while making new friends. Not only will basketball help encourage exercise, but it also serves as a foundation for staying active, fit and healthy later in life. In terms of equipment, basketball doesn’t require much. Even if you have no basketball court nearby (which is highly unusual), it shouldn’t stop you from playing the game. Just put up baskets or hoops in a large indoor area or outdoors and you’re ready to go!

As a sport, basketball gives complete physical exercise. It’s brisk, involving a lot of jumping, running, shooting the ball, passing it and dribbling it. If your children disinterest in taking part in physical activities is visible along with other issues such as laziness, dullness or weight problems that might be bothering you, basketball might be a very good idea. Continuous movements in this sport help lose fat, burn calories and feel more energetic.

Basketball involves use of the entire body and a lot of swift movement. This helps in toning the body and building the muscle in calf, thighs and arms. While your daughter would appreciate toning her body, your son will certainly love the idea of getting some muscles.

Although the natural genes determine our height, basketball can definitely aid some growth. All that jumping and the frequency of movements while playing basketball (and similar sports) have shown scientific evidences to aid growing kids in improving their height.

It requires good concentration, aim and accuracy to shoot the ball into the hoop. All that is easily achieved through a lot of practice. But, even if your son doesn’t become the next NBA legend, he’ll benefit from building precision and learning to target. Finally, each time your kid shoots the ball into the hoop, that shoots up his/her self-confidence by bounds and leaps. As your son or daughter gain more and more control over the ball and the game strategy, their self-esteem becomes significantly improved, reflecting in the overall personality.

Similar to other sports, basketball calls for following a number of rules and not obeying them leads to penalties. Playing this game is a great and fun way for your kids to appreciate the importance of following rules without becoming a dull, but a competitive young person. In addition, every sport requires a strategy to score and win and basketball is no exception. This is another important skill your kids can gain through this sport.

Team work is necessary, no matter what your kids do later in their lives. Basketball is one of the best sports to learn to operate in a team, interact with peers and jointly come up with winning tactics, strategies and plans. Playing and working as a team is the perfect way for children to adopt and appreciate team spirit. If your child is not really sociable, team sports such as basketball are a great opportunity for them to make friends.

So, learn some inspirational basketball quotes and motivate your kids to give this sport a try! But, keep in mind that even the most awesome quotes won’t do much if you don’t mean what you say.