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Posted by on Feb 5, 2020 in Misc Sports Articles |

15 Amazing Tips to Successfully Achieve Your Bodybuilding Goals

15 Amazing Tips to Successfully Achieve Your Bodybuilding Goals

Maxwell Alexander FitnessEvery man wants to build a body with 6-pack abs, arms, shoulders, back and thighs with strong muscles, and incredible energy. If you are such a man looking for building a strong and masculine body, you should understand that like every good thing, a good body can be gained through hard work. You have to exercise, take a balanced diet, and also should take ample rest to make your muscles regain the energy they lose through your rigorous activities. Here are some tips for you to make your dream of bodybuilding come true.

1. Take Training under a Bodybuilding Coach

Getting training under a qualified, certified and experienced bodybuilding coach makes a huge difference as compared to training on your own. For example, Maxwell Alexander at Maxwell Alexander Fitness online institute has more than ten years of experience in designing online bodybuilding programs. His programs are based on the bodybuilding science, avant-grade mobile workout platform and truly natural nutrition strategy. His Designer Body Online Bodybuilding Program is a 24/7 all-inclusive (exercise, nutrition, meditation and one-to-one coaching), technology-backed online fitness training program. Hire such a coach and you’ll be surprised to see the improvement.

2. Compound Exercises

Don’t ignore the importance of compound exercises and make sure you do them regularly. They are essential for gaining maximum muscle growth.

3. Strength

Focus on increasing your strength. This will help you to perform the advanced bodybuilding workouts you need. Anything like a weak bodybuilder doesn’t exist. However, you don’t have to be a powerlifter to become strong, but you need to increase your strength level dramatically.

4. Never Start with Advanced Exercises if You’re a Beginner

It’s not at all recommended to start with advanced workout if you’ve just started training for bodybuilding. Advanced splits may lead to back problems if you’re a beginner. Even your best online coach will advise you to learn all the basic compound lifts first as a beginner.

5. Never Add Volume if You’re a Beginner

Adding volume will not help you if you are a beginner. If you have, say weekly three bicep days, without first getting strong, your muscle mass won’t increase to its highest capability. So, first you need to get strong before starting volume exercises and not tire your body with unlimited sets.

6. Make the Upper Body Strong

Emphasize on strengthening your upper body like a matter of life and death. Working on your upper body means that you make equal hard work on your shoulders, back and chest. Thus you avoid doing only chest exercise or back exercises.

You should also learn to maintain a proper balance while doing all these activities. Such a right balance will not only make you strong and healthy, but also will help you ward off shoulder problems.

7. Learn about Correct Forms

It’s important to know about the right forms while doing the exercises. Learn about them from your online coach or refer to a reliable online exercise guidebook. Follow their instructions and stick to each step. You can even watch online exercise videos about form.

Best Bodybuilding Coach

8. Do Squats

If you hear or read somewhere that squats are bad, ignore it. Squats are actually very important if you are trying to build your muscles. They are even not bad for your knees, as usually alleged unless you do them in a wrong way, your form is wrong and you only half-squat.

9. Do Deadlifts

Another important exercise for bodybuilding is deadlifts. Deadlifts also can be great to build muscles as long as you do them in a correct way and your form is also correct.

10. What Should You Include in Your Diet?

Make sure you include a lot of red meat in your meals. Consuming more number of eggs with their yolks can also help. You can get dense nutrition that is full of muscle-building ingredients from these eggs.

Another important ingredient you should include in your meals is a lot of and a large variety of vegetables, fruits and carbs that are rich in fiber. Eating sodium-rich snacks once in a while is fine. However, you should consume the right amount of salt. Consuming less salt can also cause problems.

11. Power Up the Body with Meals

Consider eating the largest meals of your day around 30 or 60 minutes right after lifting weights.

12. Learn Healthy and Tasty Recipes

Just because you’re trying to build muscles and have to eat healthy foods, you don’t have to eat bland foods. Healthy foods too can be made into tasty recipes. You just have to learn them and make them. This will bring a variety in your food and will keep you motivated. As mentioned above, there’s no harm in giving yourself a treat of sodium-laden snacks, an ice cream or dark chocolate once in a while.

13. Dealing with Low Caloric Intake

In case of low caloric intake, add healthy fats like butter and olive oil to your veggies. This will increase your caloric intake without needing to eat the unhealthy stuff.

You can also drink at least three glasses of whole milk every day. Cheese and cream can also be added to your daily meals. Even snacking on almonds and walnuts in between meals is also helpful.

14. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water helps your body carry out its normal functions properly. It’s essential to take nutrients to all your cells and clean toxins from your body. Hence don’t forget to drink ample water.

15. Take Rest

Make sure you take rest between the days when you perform intense exercises. Remember that your muscles aren’t built when you exercise but they are built when you rest. If someone advises you against resting, ignore them. Remember that all the three components in your bodybuilding program viz. exercise, diet and rest, are important.

Follow these tips to successfully proceed towards your goal. Happy bodybuilding!