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Posted by on Dec 2, 2017 in Misc Sports Articles |

6 Useful Tips to Keep Yourself Safe from Sports Injuries

6 Useful Tips to Keep Yourself Safe from Sports Injuries

preventing sports injuriesPlaying sports is extremely fun. Sports offer us tremendous enjoyment, release our stress and keep us in good health. However, if they are not played carefully, they can also cause orthopedic problems i.e. injuries related to bones, joints and muscles. Fortunately, such injuries can be avoided with proper care. Here are a few tips.

1. Ensure You are in a Perfect Shape to Play a Sport

Remember that there is a high amount of sports injuries in weekend warriors. If you want to play any sport, you must sufficiently train for it. It may be a severe mistake to expect that the sport will get you into shape. Several injuries can be avoided by adopting a regular conditioning program of workouts designed especially for your sport. Visit Drperezaguilar, where Traumatólogos en Monterrey (traumatologists in Monterry) can guide you on how to keep yourself safe from sports injuries.

2. Understand Rules and Follow Them

Rules of any sport are designed for safety. This is especially important regarding contact sports. You should learn those rules and respect them while playing.

3. Wear Protective Gear

Protective helmets, mouth guards, pads, gloves and other gear are not for weak ones. They are for everyone. They can save your hands, knees, head, eyes and teeth. Never even think of playing without wearing them.

4. Have Sufficient Rest

It’s observed that there are more injuries in athletes who undergo training consecutively for several days. Although many athletes are under the impression that the more they would train, the better they would play, it’s a misconception. The fact is that rest is an essential part of proper training. Exercising without rest poses the risk of rise in cortisol levels and thereby weight gain, adrenal fatigue or insufficiency, mood swings and changes in sleep patterns, negative impact on menstrual cycle, libido and fertility, muscle wasting and reduced strength, rise in inflammation and reduction in immunity, heart damage and interference with electrolyte balance.

5. Warm Up Before Playing

Warm muscles have low risk of injuries. Make sure your warm up is suitable to your sport. Or you can simply start playing the sport slowly or practice particular stretching or mental rehearsal as per your activity.

6. Never Play When You are Very Much Tired or in Pain

Pain is a warning sign your body gives and you should listen to it and act accordingly. Therefore when your body is extremely tired or experiencing pain, don’t put more strain to it by playing. Instead rest or treat the pain.

Avoiding sports-related injuries in this way can make you enjoy your sport and gain health and success from it.