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Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Misc Sports Articles |

Improve Your Vertical Leap within No Time

Improve Your Vertical Leap within No Time

vert shock workoutsA vertical leap is what all athletes aspire to improve, whether they want to play basketball, volleyball or tennis. A superior vertical leap helps young athletes rise for jump shots over their opponents. Better jumping skill also helps them reach their hands above the basketball baskets or volleyball net for pushing ball or blocking shots. Though there are many programs out there for the improvement of vertical leap, only a few are of real help, while others are totally useless. And one major vertical shock program among the useful ones is Vert Shock.

Vert Shock – An Innovative Program

Vert Shock is the number 1 on the list of the best vertical leap training programs of many athletes. While it’s a comparatively new program, it has already made a big buzz among sportspersons as an excellent vertical jump program.

Created by two celebrated players, Justin ‘Jus Fly’ – one of world’s best dunkers and Adam Folker – a professional basketball player, Vert Shock is an innovative program and a little different than most other programs of this type. Although the program is based on many principles that are same, it is focused primarily on advanced plyometrics and superior body hack methods that you will find nowhere else.

Vert Shock promises to increase vertical jump by 9 to 15 inches within only 8 weeks and get you dunking within no time. The program, divided into 3 phases, comes to you in the form of software containing videos and guides that you can access online. Vert Shock has been designed as an 8-week training program.

Most sportspersons who tried Vert Shock have found it one of the simplest programs they have ever come across. However, it’s not easy and you have to put in efforts to get results, but in comparison with other such programs, it is actually easier.

Not Lots of Strength Training

Many athletes and particularly beginners find Vert Shock a great fit for them because it doesn’t involve lots of strength training. It is also less time consuming, when it comes to workouts because of more rest periods.

You should be Fit

Remember that you should be fit and in good shape to undergo Vert Shock program because it is very intense and if you are not fit, it can be hard on your joints. If you have a history of knee or ankle pain, you should incorporate certain amount of strength training to your daily or weekly routine so as to support your joints and deal with the loads as the Vert Shock workouts become quite intense very fast.

So, if you are dreaming to improve your vertical jump quickly, Vert Shock is the best program to go through. See your leap improving and get pleasantly surprised with your enhanced performance.