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Posted by on Jan 22, 2020 in Misc Sports Articles |

Triathlon Coach Certification Program – Your Chance to Get into a Profitable Sports Coaching Career

Triathlon Coach Certification Program – Your Chance to Get into a Profitable Sports Coaching Career

ITCA Triathlon Coach Certification ProgramIf you’ve been a sportsperson, but didn’t get the chance to shine and get fame in spots, have you ever considered becoming a sports coach and thereby actively participating in sports, while working with upcoming and/or established sportspersons?

Well, you can consider getting into triathlon coaching by earning a Triathlon Coach Certification from a reputable institute like ITCA (International Triathlon Coaching Association).

For becoming a successful triathlon coach, it’s very important for you to have as much personal experience and knowledge of the sport as possible. The certification program offers you multi-sport training to make you knowledgeable and experienced in sports. Being a sportsperson you already have a lot of experience. During the triathlon certification course, your skills are even more honed to make you capable of training triathletes.

During the triathlon coach certification course, you learn about periodization or timing, discipline, time management and how to get in the training habit to get the work done to its best.

Another important facet of this is the emotional side of sports and what an athlete’s mind goes through every day during training and racing.

Therefore it’s advisable for emerging triathlon coaches to practice the sports themselves so as to understand what their athletes go through. The coach certification program gives you an opportunity for this.

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Benefits of Being an ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach

As a certified triathlon coach, you can get an opportunity to help budding athletes to reach their personal best in the sports you love. You can coach players individually or in groups, in person, online, over the phone or Skype or Zoom video, at a training camp, in a clinic or in a studio. The ITCA Triathlon Coach Certification Program even trains you on how to set up a profitable triathlon coaching business by turning a passion for endurance sports into a career.

Among all the triathlon coaching programs, the one offered by the ITCA has perhaps the best coaching curriculum. They have taken the science and application of triathlon coaching and training to the highest levels. They provide highly comprehensive and detailed educational material which you can apply immediately and effectively. Moreover, they have combined it with time-tested business models which you can make use of to establish a lucrative triathlon coaching business.

Since this course is 100% online apart from being comprehensive and interactive, you can get the training from the comfort of your home. You can adjust the timing of your training and so, can enjoy the company of your loved ones.

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So, have you started looking forward to having a profitable career and active participation in sports?