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Posted by on Oct 15, 2018 in Sports Equipment |

4 Important Factors You Should Consider while Choosing the Best Baseball Batting Tees

4 Important Factors You Should Consider while Choosing the Best Baseball Batting Tees

best baseball batting teesAdding an excellent batting tee to your baseball regimen could help you take your hitting skills to the next level. Hitting off this non-flashy, simple training equipment can be one of the most dynamic training exercises for hitters of any level. Rather than focusing on soft toss or timing up live pitching, hitters should hold up everything and concentrate on their mechanics. Tee hitting fortifies muscle memory in a positive way, with every ball being placed at an exact location.

The best baseball batting tee has to be durable since you might use it intensely during training over the season/s. Numerous factors can indicate durability such as brand, pricing, warranty etc. However, it is not the only requirement.

1. How to Start

The batting tees have to protect your bat from damages. This is much more difficult to evaluate than durability and you might even have to search through a few products before getting your hands on just the right one. Plus, your batting tees should not be a hurdle in your visibility, for which it should be at the right height to maintain your focus and awareness of the swing.

Next you have to consider portability. There are so many space-saving design options which are excellent for several situations, included storage. Adjustability is also an important consideration. So, you should choose baseball batting tees that can be easily adjusted and that don’t need too complicated or too many steps to set up.

best baseball batting tees

2. Material

Many factors influence the quality of batting tees and some of them can even have a negative effect on your game and even worse, can damage your bats.

One of the most important among these factors is the material of batting tees. There are several materials to choose from such as rubber, plastic and steel, and even combination of materials which are typically softer on top and heavier at the base for guaranteed stability.

You should ideally find durable materials which won’t easily break. Advanced players too look for materials that won’t easily crack. Rubber designs may be a good choice particularly at the top end because it is durable, won’t crack and also doesn’t impact your bat like plastic does.

ideal height of baseball batting tee

3. Weight

Weight can be a pro or a con for your batting tees. There is no definite rule about what should be the ideal weight for your regular batting tees. You’ll have to consider your playing style and the conditions in which you’ll train. For example, in a windy area, you’ll need a heavier product, but you’ll have to lose adjustability and mobility.

Lightweight baseball batting tees may be a desirable option for those who like to travel. They are also ideal for easy storage and can easily adapt to your height. However, they are not ideal in windy weather conditions or even on unstable surfaces. They have to be adequately stable so as not to interfere with the swing.

choosing the best baseball batting tees

4. Adjustability

If you have an adjustable baseball batting tee, it can adapt to a range of heights from 20 inches to 40 inches. However, adjustability is not only concerned with height. It may also be concerned with the base which can come with various positions or have adjustable feet. If you need to transport the tees, you should ensure your trunk has enough space for their storage. Also, some maneuvering space in your car should also be allowed by the adjustability. Thus, you need a product that is sufficiently solid to offer a good platform but which you can disassemble to fit inside an equipment bag.

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