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Posted by on Jun 14, 2017 in Sports Equipment |

4 Important Things to Consider while Buying an Electric Skateboard Best Suited to You

4 Important Things to Consider while Buying an Electric Skateboard Best Suited to You

electric skateboardWhether you are looking for your first electric skateboard or want to upgrade your old one, you have to consider a few points. Electric skateboards have been around for many years. But the old time skateboards were just not very good as they had unimpressive performance, bulky designs, massive batteries etc and so, didn’t receive a lot of attention from tech enthusiasts.

In 2017, more and more ESK8 brands are emerging and they are all increasingly great in features and performance. Here are four most important features and technologies you should look for while buying a perfect electric skateboard for you.


1. Check Whether it’s Waterproof


Because rain can appear anytime or you may have to pass through a puddle, while you are skateboarding, it’s important that you should check if the board is waterproof. Many of the boards are not available with environmentally packed enclosures to safeguard the components within.

As you know, electronics and water don’t go together. But there are also some other components on some boards that should be protected from water. Many people may already know that bearings too should be protected from being wet; but you can’t do much about it if you want a rolling skateboard.

The belt and pulley drive train system of skateboard can also be ruined by exposure to water. While you ride over wet surfaces, the system’s teeth tend to collect grit and dirt, and the amount of torque is reduced, ultimately being transferred to wheels.

Do research by reading something like MotoSk8 electric skateboard reviews and find a product built to last regardless of environment.

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2. Warranty


You will agree that your skateboard has a really tough life by being constantly exposed to various terrains and at high speeds. Therefore wear and tear can occur quite fast. Electric skateboards are no exception. No matter how well they are built, some or the other time they may break. Actually, with more intricate electric components, they are perhaps even more prone to breakage than traditional skateboards.

Therefore, read carefully about what is actually covered under warranties. Obviously, the longer the warranty the better. If a product has a shorter warranty, it means that the company has no confidence in their product.

For finding and comparing between warranties of different products, you will have to do a thorough research. Forums are also great to find reviews of the product you are planning to buy.


3. Battery and Capacity


There is nothing scarier than heading out on a skateboard adventure and find in the middle of the road that you don’t have sufficient juice to return to home. Pushing is horrible and especially with a board having belt-driven wheels, there will be significantly more resistance, making pushing a truly tiring experience for you and your legs.

The bigger batteries are almost always better. Still, you should do your research to find out if the battery in question is able to deliver the performance you want. Make sure it’s the best quality cells.

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4. Performance


Most skateboard riders will agree that non-powered boards are very good on flat or down-sloping surfaces but not very good while rolling uphill. Therefore the only reason you wish to strap the very pricey, heavy batteries and motors to a perfect rolling platform like a skateboard is when you want to climb up hills. If you agree this, find out if the electric skateboard you are planning to buy can carry your body weight up a hill. This is a tough question to answer because only your weight and percentage of incline can decide this. The best option is to watch videos on YouTube and find real reviews like that on

Follow these tips and get your hands on the electric skateboard best suited to you.

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