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Posted by on Jul 8, 2017 in Sports Equipment |

Golf Rangefinder – Important Things You Should Know

Golf Rangefinder – Important Things You Should Know

Bushnell Tour V3 reviewRange finders are available in various kinds depending upon the sport in which they are used. Basically all of them have the same function of measuring the distance from the player’s standing position to the target; however, depending upon what type of sport it will be used in, it is manufactured to suit that sport. Thus, there will be a bit of difference between a golf range finder and an archery range finder.

What is a Golf Rangefinder?


Golf rangefinder is an electronic tool to help player in measuring the distance between the standing point to a stable place on a golf course, to bring more perfection in a shot. Plus there is another name for golf rangefinder and it’s laser rangefinder since several manufacturers often use laser technology in the rangefinder.

With the rangefinder, the game of golf becomes easy and the golfer can enjoy it more. In the past, golfers had to rely on their imagination to guess the distance up to a tree or a flag. Because of this, the game became more of a gamble; the chances of moving to the next level were just 50 percent. But over time, many advanced technologies have been discovered with which the rangefinders can give you the most exact distance, so, you can improve the game to an extreme level and reduce your handicap. Read for example, the Bushnell tour v3 reviews in which the latest JOLT technology has been used.


How does a Golf Rangefinder Work?


A golf rangefinder is very easy to use. All you have to do is to select a target and point in its direction and the rangefinder will do the rest. It will mark the target, lock it, measure the distance and will give it to you. You can look through its lens and it will scan the surroundings. A laser rangefinder and a GPS rangefinder can be compared in many ways, but both are convenient in the same way, in some cases. The GPS asks you to subscribe and uses a pre-loaded golf course.


Benefits of a Golf Rangefinder


  • Distance to any point can be measured easily and quickly
  • High precision
  • You need not upload, download or update golf courses
  • No need of subscription


What should You Consider while Selecting a Golf Rangefinder?


Range Coverage: One of the most important factors you should consider is the range coverage. If the range/yard coverage is too short, you cannot calculate the distance up to a far off point. Therefore check the information about maximum range the golf rangefinder has on it.

Precision: Precision is important not only in golf but in all sports. If you are planning to use a rangefinder as your assistant, its accuracy is very important. Apart from the information provided by the manufacturer, read the reviews provided by other users about the precision of the device you want to buy.

If it is Tournament-approved: If you are a semi in golf, you have to check if the rangefinder has this feature, as not all of them have it.

Battery Life: Make sure that the battery life will let you play at least an 18 holes game as you won’t want a dead battery only after a few holes.

These tips will help you find a rangefinder that will let you enjoy the game to the fullest.