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Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Sports Equipment |

Smart Bike – Consider Making it Your Main Mode of Transportation

Smart Bike – Consider Making it Your Main Mode of Transportation

DYU ebikeNo other vehicle invented by man is as good as a bicycle. Why? It can be manufactured with minimal resources, requires no fuel and consequently emits no harmful substances in the environment, is compact sized and so, can be stored in a small space, and offers an excellent exercise to our muscles.

Today, barring countries like Belgium and the Netherlands, bikes are more used as a recreational tool than for commutation. However, the recently increasing concern about environment and rocketing rise in the price of fuel has made people consider this excellent vehicle as a mainstream mode of commutation as well as sports equipment.

Innovation takes place in every industry and helps businesses reinvent themselves besides their existing products and services. It is through the innovation that companies can maintain their association with consumers. A change in an industry changes the lives of its consumers. And even the consumers are not exceptionally dimensional; they seek innovation from a range of industries. Together these various industries that meet various needs of consumers radically, raise the bar together.

How can the cycling industry remain unaffected from innovation? Obviously it hasn’t because we get a great innovation in the form of a smart bike like DYU ebike!

DYU ebikes

What is a Smart Bike?

The world has witnessed technological advances in this millennium that have been enthralling to say the least. With the advent of solar cars, electric cars and many other innovations, it was quite obvious that smart bikes will come from imagination to reality.

Smart bikes or e-bikes might appear like normal bikes but are equipped with a small electric motor running on a rechargeable battery. The smart bike appeared not too long ago and has gone through several iterative enhancements.

The smart assistance is brought to reality by using wireless features and smartphones. These additions of features to the smart bikes will only work to impact the future positively and also promote ease of use and efficiency. Apart from the sleek and flamboyant designs, following are top features that will influence the future of the smart bikes.

E-Bike Lock

If after reading the heading you think that this is not new, you cannot be more mistaken. Smart bikes have seen an improvement over the regular bike locks, from clumsy and heavy chains to locks available in various revolutionary designs which are activated through wireless features. This obviously promotes ease and efficiency. But that is not all. The future of smart bikes has even more amazing things for bike locks. For example, DYU ebike comes with an intelligent locking system and personalized unlocking method, i.e. password-enabled unlocking.

smart lock and unlock of DYU ebike

Smart App

Your smart bike will be always connected to your smartphone through a smart app which will offer you features like:

  • Riding route
  • Smart unlocking
  • Auto speed adjustment
  • Self-checking function

malfunction self-checking of DYU ebike

You will get some speeds by the default and further your app can adjust the speed for you. After a mileage riding for the stipulated kilometers, you are able to adjust the speed in a range of speeds once you can handle riding by yourself.

With the smart app you can also know if there is any fault in your bike. The bike checks itself and sends malfunction if any to your mobile so that you can get the bike repaired on time without the trouble growing to a bigger one.

smart app of DYU ebike

Smart Charging Protection

When it comes to charging its battery, your smart bike will provide you protection from various charging problems, like overheating, over-current, over-voltage, over-charging, shortcut and over-discharging.

Anti-theft Features

The feature known as anti-theft has saved several bikes from thefts in recent years. What make this feature outstanding are its diversity and versatility. Ranging from alarms and sirens to theft indicator maps, you get exceptional security. New and innovative anti-theft systems are about to arrive in the future because with a constant rise in the world of digital qualities, the smart bike cannot remain unchanged when progression is concerned.

Smart bikes are equipped with invisible tracking devices or GPS installed in them which can easily track down stolen bikes.

Custom Sensors

Custom censors are unlimited when it comes to their usage, from cycling sensors with the capability of measuring cadence and RPM speed to health-centric bikes with the ability to measure the level of your fitness to ultra-modern proximity sensors that sense vehicles in your blind spot.

These sensors are available with Bluetooth and can be wirelessly connected to smartphones, tablets as well as GPS bike computers for data transfer.

The Battery

The battery is the powerhouse of the smart bike in combination with the electric motor. All other features are completed with the battery that enables smooth and efficient functioning of all the installed applications.

The battery is to be charged with the help of electricity. Majority of battery packs are equipped with an automatic saver, which shuts down the battery when it is used for a prolonged time or when it is low, so as to increase its life.

There is also an evolution in these battery packs firstly by reduction in their weight or being available with a portable charger. The time isn’t far away when smart bikes will be run on solar energy.

Suitability to All Weather Conditions

With the excellent feature of suitability to all weather conditions, smart bikes like DYU ebike can come to your help when you want to exercise whether it’s raining outside or snowing. Just wrap yourself in proper clothing for protection from the weather and start riding on the road. These bikes are waterproof, with damping tires suitable to all types of road conditions like ramp, tiles, sandstone and speed bumps. In short, no climatic condition can hold you back from getting your regular exercise and/or enjoying the ride.

DYU ebike suitable to all weather and road conditions

In addition to the above features, the DYU ebike is equipped with many outstanding features like highly bright induction headlight and rear brake light, highly sensitive disc brake, constant speed, steady performance with high-speed brushless motor, reduced power loss and fast speed, and many more.

The future of smart bikes is very bright and you should consider making smart bikes the main mode of transport to keep yourself and the environment healthy.

easily foldable DYU ebike