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Posted by on Jul 14, 2017 in Sports Equipment |

Sports Mouth Guards – Necessity in Contact Sport

Sports Mouth Guards – Necessity in Contact Sport

clear mouth guard for basketballMost of us are aware of the fact that sport can enrich your life and it is good for your health. Longer Life, Sense of Achievement, reduced body fat, increased confidence, better immunity, better sleep, energy, overall body strength are some of the sports benefits.

The risk in contact sports


Sports such as basketball, boxing, rugby, hockey, water polo, netball, baseball, squash, soccer, BMX bike riding, horse riding, skateboarding, etc. all carry the risk of collision.

Mouth Guard will protect your whites by acting as a shock absorber upon a blow to the face, which otherwise might injure the mouth or jaw. You have to wear other guards depending on the sports you play, but a sports mouth guard is a must for your mouth protection.


Injury prevention


Heavy hitting can result in chipped or cracked teeth, an internally damaged tooth, loss of a tooth, damaged oral soft tissue, and, in some severe conditions, temporary unconsciousness or even a broken jaw. These types of injuries could result in costly treatments needed to repair the teeth.

No matter what age you are, mouth guards are cost effective, easily obtained, and go a long way in preventing serious injury to the jaw and mouth. For this reason, no person engaged in any contact sport should be without one. For example, clear mouth guard for basketball is must during a game or even while practicing to prevent injury from a rebound or by getting hit by opponents elbow.


How to take care of your mouth guard


Wash your mouth guard with soap and water and rinse thoroughly or soak it in mouthwash before storing. Never brush it with toothpaste.

Thoroughly dry the mouth guard before placing it in a plastic storage container. It is important not to bend the mouth guard during storage since it may distort.

Mouth guards can wear out. Check its condition from time to time to see if it needs replacement. Tears and perforations can irritate the teeth and mouth. Worn out mouth guards lose their effectiveness in protecting against dental, jaw, and concussion injuries.

Oral Mart Premium sports mouth guards are must during every contact sport to prevent injuries. They are available in various premium custom designs and colors. Protect every precious, priceless tooth with those mouth guards. Don’t leave yours or your kid’s smile, jaw or tongue vulnerable to injury during sports.