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Posted by on Dec 17, 2017 in Sports Equipment |

Top 3 Tips to Excel in Archery with a Recurve Bow

Top 3 Tips to Excel in Archery with a Recurve Bow

recurve bowsFor those who are not familiar with the term and don’t know what exactly a recurve bow is, here’s the simplest way to put it: it is a bow, which has limbs that re-curve, i.e. curve in the opposite direction of the archer when unstrung. Its greatest advantage is that it stores higher amount of energy and delivers it more efficiently when compared to the simple straight bow. Before embarking on an exciting new trip where you will get a chance to develop your new hobby, you can carry a recurve bow. Hence it’s essential to know more about one.

1) How to Pick the Right Recurve Bow Size?

You can find out the right bow size you need in a matter of minutes, by calculating your draw length. The first thing that you’ll need to do is to extend your arms out to either sides of your body, keeping them at shoulder level. Do not try to stretch your arms in any way, just hold them naturally. The next step is to ask a friend or a family member to measure the complete distance from one middle finger tip to the other. Finally, divide the result by 2.5 and that’s your calculated draw length, as easy as that!

With that information, you can now determine your bow length! In case you’re not familiar of what the bow length represents, we got you covered. It’s a complete measure of a bow, tip to tip which follows the limbs curve and the back riser side, when the bow is unstrung.

2) Tight Recurve Bow Grip

It’s one thing to really want to make the shot and concentrate, and the other to completely destroy your chances by not sustaining your spirits. Try relaxing your grip to a certain extent; be aware that you don’t need to clench your hand. If you don’t work on this problem, you’ll realize in no time how tiresome it can become. Gradually practicing to use just thumb and forefinger in these situations is the solution you’re looking for when using recurve bows.

3) Being Relaxed is the Key

If you have a clear mind, you’ll succeed and make a good shot. As it is a relaxing activity, you need to remind yourself and actually relax and enjoy it. The benefits from enjoying and shooting relaxed are that you’ll improve your accuracy significantly. Step by step, you’ll even be able to close your eyes one day.

Be persistent and patient with archery. It’s an amazing sport which can be rewarding for both your physical and mental health if you follow some of the given advice. Enjoy this sport and make your mind as precise and up to the point as the arrows you shoot for your hobby.