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Posted by on Jan 3, 2018 in Sports Equipment |

TOPS Silent Hero Knife – True to its Name

TOPS Silent Hero Knife – True to its Name

Tops silent hero knifeTOPS has manufactured some of the greatest outdoor knives that are ideal for any survival or bushcrafting needs. One of their finest knives is the TOPS Silent Hero which has every quality an outdoor knife should have – it’s lightweight, sturdy and made from high-quality materials. But the real interesting story is about who designed this superb knife, what inspired its powerful shape and why did Tops name it Silent Hero Knife!

Who has Designed Silent Hero?

The designer of the TOPS Silent Hero knife is Anton du Plessis. If you take a look at his resume, you will be certainly impressed and will know about his credibility. Anton was at the topmost position at the International Crime in Africa Program (ICAP) and also a Criminal Justice/Counter Terrorism legal expert for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). His mission is focused on pulling apart international drug and crime groups which honestly makes him a tough guy.

At present, Anton is the Managing Director at the Institute for Security Studies in Africa. He is active in the Silent Hero Program for the protection of wildlife from extinction and illegal poaching. He makes use of his experience in combating terrorism and his skills of safari bushcrafting to create a knife that is capable of doing both, the TOPS Silent Hero.

Tops silent hero knife

The Silent Hero

One outstanding feature of the Silent Hero is its weight which is in contrast to its size. With its just 12 Oz of weight, the Silent Hero excellently keeps fatigue away that comes with carrying large outdoor knives and lessens the overall weight you would have to trek with.

The blade of the Silent Hero is 1095 High-carbon and is plated with a striking black river wash finish. The Choil is a finger hold, excellent when you want to choke up on the knife and have a controlled cut.

The Silent Hero’s handle is black linen micarta with a graceful Rocky Mountain tread style grip. It offers an excellent grip and is durable. Plus it has been fitted with three screw rivets, so as not to let the handle fail during extreme conditions. The handguard of the handle has holes and a base to offer paracord use. This makes the knife multipurpose to be retained with a simple lanyard or lashed into a spear.

A high-quality leather sheath as well as the standard TOPS whistle is available with the Silent Hero. A certificate of authenticity is provided with the knife that includes instructions for care and maintenance on its backside.

cutting food at camp

Using the Silent Hero during Adventures

The Silent Hero is your best friend in your wilderness adventures. Here are only a few ways you can use it.

Bushcrafting: Bushcrafting includes a number of primitive skills to craft the world around you to meet your survival requirements. These include:

  • Shelter building
  • Fire building
  • Food foraging

Cutting: You have to cut a lot of things while roaming in the wilderness. Here the Silent Hero knife works for you for cutting plants, bushes, grass and vines that are coming into your way, cut wood for fire, cut your foods and food containers and bags, cut bandages and gauzes, and so on.

Slicing: This is just similar to cutting but somewhat different as you have to cut the thing neatly and proportionately in slices, e.g. slices of foods like bread, cheese, meat and fruits, wood slices for storing wood conveniently for fire building, and so on.

Piercing: With the sharp point of the Silent Hero, you can pierce things like lids of cans, tops of tubes and bottles, and so on.

All in all, you must have realized how this wonderful knife can perform jobs of a hero but while working silently; no wonder, it has been named so. True to its name, it’s the real Silent Hero!

cutting wood for fire