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Posted by on Jun 25, 2017 in Sports Equipment |

Types of Crossbow Targets –Choose the Best One for You to Excel in Archery

Types of Crossbow Targets –Choose the Best One for You to Excel in Archery

delta mckenzie 20 realtree bag target crossbows compound bows archery targetThere is some or the other point in every bowhunter’s life when he is confused about which archery target he should buy. It’s nothing surprising given the vast range of types and styles available out there. Long gone are the days when you had to ruin the fletching by practicing shooting through old hay bales. Targets of today are best suited to a particular style of arrow, bow and broadhead or tip.

Here are some major types of crossbow targets with their styles described so that you can decide which one suits you the best.


Bag Targets


These are the most basic style of crossbow target and almost every bowhunter owns or practise on one of these some or the other time. Bag targets usually consist of a filling of synthetic fiber that can stop your arrow easily and even offers easy removal of arrow. They are excellent for repetition during the early summer practice sessions. They hold together very nicely and feature a large surface to have room for mishaps while sighting in during the summer or spring.

All this being said, bag targets are actually meant only for field points. There are high chances that broadheads will remain buried in the target and will shred the outer surface that holds the fill; so, you have to avoid using them.

Also, if you fail to keep your bag targets away from the elements, they are very likely to soak up rain water and deteriorate very quickly. However, several newer models of bag targets are designed to be more weather-proof than the earlier versions.

Bag targets can be best used in an indoor range where they can be left hung in place. This eliminates your hassle of hauling around an awkward bag target every time while practicing.


Foam Layer Block Targets


These are the next step ahead from bag targets. They are lightweight and portable, facilitate quite easy arrow removal for light bows and are cost-effective to boot. These targets work by pinching the arrow between foam layers, making use of friction to halt its momentum rather than force. Though you can use broadheads on these targets, field points will increase their life dramatically.

The only drawback of these targets is that a heavy draw weight may pierce arrows pretty deep before friction could stop them, meaning more difficulty in removal.

These targets can be best used outside, where they can be quickly set up and you can start shooting from ground level or a tree stand.

Plus there are 3D practice targets too with which you can prepare for real life hunting situations. They are available in the form of literally every animal and offer a fun experience.

Choose a crossbow target that suits you the best and excel in archery.