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Posted by on Jan 5, 2018 in Sports Equipment |

Useful Tips to Make the Most of Your Hybrid Bike

Useful Tips to Make the Most of Your Hybrid Bike

Best Hybrid Bikes 2018 – Buyer’s Guide & ReviewsBicycle riding is a great sport as you can engage into this sport even while traveling towards your workplace or anywhere else; you don’t have to schedule a separate timing for it. And of course, it’s an eco-friendly way to commute and a great form of exercise too. What is a hybrid bike and how can you increase its performance? Here is some useful information.

What is a Hybrid Bike?

In simple words, a hybrid bike is a combination of two other forms of bikes – mountain bikes and road bikes. A mountain bike has high number of gears and comparatively wide tires that can be used to navigate off-road trails, while road bikes are designed primarily for riding on paved surfaces such as sidewalks, roads and even sometimes asphalt; so they have very narrow tires and horizontal riding positions. A hybrid bike offers you the best of both these bikes and if you are confused about choosing between a road bike and a mountain bike, you can choose a hybrid bike.

How will You Improve the Performance of Your Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bike is thus great for your daily commute towards your workplace and also for your off-road weekend rides. But you can increase its performance even more. Here are a few tips.

Bring More Comfort in Seating: If you start feeling numb or sore after riding, consider changing your saddle. Choosing a right saddle for you would be a matter of a little trial and error. Get recommendations from friends and go through the information on best hybrid bikes 2018 – buyer’s guide & reviews. Don’t forget to try it before buying. Hybrids typically have more upright riding positions that put more weight through your sit bones than your hands; therefore their ideal saddle may not be the same as that you use on a road bike. Moreover, while most road bikes are ridden wearing padded Lycra shorts, hybrid bikes are best ridden wearing everyday outfits to which a heavily padded saddle is more suitable than a firm one. Also if your hands are getting numb, you may consider changing handlebar grips too, i.e. rather than round grips, some hybrid bikers can prefer grips that are shaped more ergonomically that provide a greater support to the palms.

Choose Right Tires: Choosing the right tires to suit your terrain will increase the performance of your hybrid. For example, slick tires will roll better on tarmac making your hybrid feel livelier than the all-round, mixed-surface tires available on most hybrid bikes. Another point to remember is choosing tires with puncture-resistant belts that can save your tires from cuts caused by foreign objects and will save your time wasted on fixing flats. If you ride on mixed surfaces, e.g. on odd bridleways, roads and canal towpaths, you should prefer tires with some better grip on mud and soft ground. Wider tires will absorb bumps efficiently and you will feel more comfortable on rough roads. But remember to confirm if there’s sufficient clearance for wider tires to fit.

Upgrade Your Bike for More Practicality: Most hybrids are fitted with mudguards and racks so as to make them suitable to all seasons. However, your bike may not have these accessories, and in that case, you should consider upgrading, so that you can ride in wet weather too without ruining your hybrid.

All in all, you can make your hybrid ride more fun and practical to make the most of your bike.