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Posted by on Jun 5, 2018 in Sports Equipment |

Using Basketball Table for Advertising and Adding Excitement to Basketball Game

Using Basketball Table for Advertising and Adding Excitement to Basketball Game

LED basketball tableAre you looking for raising funds for your basketball program? Are you in search of ways and means that can help you collect money so that you can make your program better? There is indeed such a means with which you can do that!

It’s an LED basketball table by Sideline Interactive. This is a digital scoring table which you can use not only for basketball program but also for wrestling, volleyball or any athletic activities in the gyms and athletic facilities of junior high, high school, college or university.

How can You Raise Funds from the Digital Scoring Table?

The digital scoring table has unlimited digital advertising program for several athletic sports. You can put as many ads, player highlights, commercials and game films as you wish on this table. This means that you can get as many ads for your game as you want and as you can, so that you can raise as much finance for your program from which you can develop it and make it better so that maximum number of budding athletes can take benefit of it.

Strong Construction

The scoring table is built from metal and shatterproof polycarbonate and you can use it for years; thus you’ll get the best value for your money. It has the GamePresenter software which is easy to use and can be combined easily with the scoreboards and sound system of your gym or athletic facility.


  • Unlimited number of ads, commercials etc. can be added to the scoring table and you can collect maximum funds for your program.
  • The Sideline Interactive’s digital scoring table enables you to watch the film of the game, instant replays and much more.
  • It also features instant player prompts and crowd prompts
  • It also presents instant animations for free throw, 3 points, player pictures and time-out with the very convenient one button hit. After you watch what you want, you can again feature advertising where it was left off!
  • You can get full report of which ads played, when and how often so that you can keep a track of your earning.
  • The digital scoring table is compatible with Krossover, HUDL, DV Sports and Synergy. You can watch replays and game films without having to go back to a classroom or roll out a TV to the gym.
  • And you can also get audio output just by connecting the scoring table to the sound system of your gym!

So, what are you waiting for? Just get the digital scoring table and add fun and excitement to the game and enjoy raising funds with ads.