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Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 in Misc Sports Articles, Sports Fans |

FireFan App – One of the Most Rewarding Mobile App Launches in History

FireFan App – One of the Most Rewarding Mobile App Launches in History

FireFan appHave you heard of FireFan? This is a new sports app which claim to change the way we commonly watch sports and it’s also a new way to compete with our friends (and not only friends but with literally anyone). You can compete with celebrities and even other sportspersons. You have to make live predictions when sporting events like NFL and others go on. The better you predict the more tokens you will earn and the more swag you will receive.

What is it and How does it Work?

FireFan is not a Fantasy Sport as many people wrongly assume. However, FireFan is related to sports and has got a lot of support before its launch. It’s one of the biggest mobile apps in history and has got more than one million pre-registered players!

FireFan is based on an idea that you can join contests with your friends for upcoming games and start making in-game predictions like the next day play to be known, how many yards will be acquired by the receiver after the next kickoff and so on. Correct answers will earn points with which you can win contests.

How to Play it Online?

Each contest will last for the full duration of a single game. While the game goes on, you will get questions on FireFan. You will have to answer the questions, in other words make predictions and if you are right, you will earn points. A solid component of strategy is also involved in the process because of various answers worth various numbers of points. The most improbable outcomes are worth the largest number of points whereas the “safe” answers have a considerably fewer number of points.

An example of this is a question about the result of the opening kickoff and its options include being tackled in the 20-yard line, running it for a touchdown, etc. In this example, the touchdown option will have the most points as the possibility is so rare; on the other hand, the 20-yard line tackling will be a safer but low-paying prediction.

There would be many questions during the game and you have to answer as many of them correct as you can to get a biggest point total possible. Of course, the player with the biggest total will win the contest.


The virtual currency in the game is tokens that you need to buy. They will also unlock more features.

So, be a part of one of the biggest mobile app launches in history with over one-million pre-registered players and counting!

Pre-register today at Access Code: {Gamezone2016} Launching Week of Nov. 21

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