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Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Football, Misc Sports Articles, Sports Fans |

Make Money while Participating in Sports on Your Smartphone

Make Money while Participating in Sports on Your Smartphone

United GamesWant to make money while participating in sports through your smartphone? Yes, you can do that with an app that is to arrive somewhere around this September; so, you won’t have to wait much for it, and you can even join in right now for free. It’s the United Game app, which you might have heard or might not, but no doubt the app has created a lot of buzz much before its arrival. Here’s what you may be interested to know about the app.

What is United Games App?

United Games is a real-time sports app and you can hope to make big money with it. The app has been designed to give users an enhanced enjoyment through a live interaction with sporting events. If you are a great sports fan, you can fulfill your passion by playing together with your friends, team and favorite players. At the same time the app will also let the world team up on a common ground of a passion for live sporting events.

You may be interested perhaps to know that the app has been created by the makers of Madden. This may or may not make you a difference, as those who consider playing games a waste of time, may consider this whole affair meaningless. However, if I bring to your notice that game apps are going to be a $200bn industry just the next year, will that make a difference? I am sure, it will! So, please read app launching this fall


Win Prizes

The game that is going to be launched this fall is the one you can play just while watching your favorite players playing live. And by making correct ‘picks’ you can win real prizes. You can have more fun by inviting your friends to join in and also can interact with them within the game to win sports gear, team swag, game tickets, electronics and more.

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United Games Marketing and their Affiliate Program

United Games Marketing is the name of the company behind this whole project. It is based in South Jordan Utah. Jeff Henderson is the director while Marc Mongie is the art director. Do you know that Mongie was formerly the art director of EA Sports? Maybe this piece of information can increase your interest.United Games

United Games app is thus world’s first live, interactive sports game which is free for players. You can play alone or with your friends. While watching your favorite players playing, you can call shots and upon calling the right shots, you win awesome prizes.

United Games has also a very generous affiliate program because around 92% people make a purchase decision when others recommend them to do so. The affiliates would get 43% of every dollar earned! Lucrative, right?

What should I Do to Become an Affiliate?

So, I think you are curious enough to know what you should do to become an affiliate; well, you should have a personal invite code which you will get at You will have to pay a fee of $29.99 which is a one-time fee. (Remember that after launch this fee would be $39.99). Affiliates would also have to pay a monthly charge of $9.99 and start earning on every player they invite and every player their players would invite and so on.

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Which Sports will be Included?

To start with, there would be NFL Football and MLS. However, United Games would expand later to include all major sports across the world and also in every language.

So, grab the opportunity to become a player for free or an affiliate to earn big bucks. So, you can proudly tell others that you make money while playing games on your smartphone!
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