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Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in Misc Sports Articles, Sports Fans |

Pick’em – A Comfortable and Enjoyable Sports Betting Experience

Pick’em – A Comfortable and Enjoyable Sports Betting Experience

basketball pick'emIf you have wagered on a game from an NBA pick or watched on an NFL game, there are high chances that you have heard the term ‘pick’em’ on Yahoo Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, and Pick’em and Fantasy football sites. Probably you are a beginner sports bettor and heard the term only to wonder what it is. Here we’ll discuss what pick’em means and how it is used.

Well, pick’em is a common term in sports wagering. It’s pretty easy and you can start it at Gametime Blitz: Sports Pick’em App. However, before you know more about it, better you first understand the sports betting basics and types. For instance, if you’ve got an NFL pick from a professional handicapper and clicked through to your local sportsbook to check the odds and lines, you might have found the wager types of point spread used for the forthcoming weeks’ NFL games. Here the point spread is the value placed by Vegas odds makers or sportsbooks on a game to attract some action from sports gamblers on both sides.

The underlying concept is that the odds maker will apply a point spread to a game (e.g. NHL or NFL game) to attract betting action for both sides. This generates something called “juice” or “vig” and this is how sportsbooks make money.

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For instance, if you received an NFL pick from a professional handicapping service and used it to place a sports bet at a certain sportsbook, whatever would be the spread at the time of placing your bet involved juice or vig that the sportsbook generated to earn money. Thus the juice is the exact amount that a gambler pays for placing the wager, normally 10%.

An interesting factor is that several sports investors and bettors are under an impression that point spread is formed by a sportsbook’s actual prediction. This is a misconception. The spread is created always to generate an interest in betting for both the teams. If the spread attracts a heavy action only to one side, a sportsbook will make an attempt to adjust the spread to have some action for the other side as well.

If you are using the service of an expert handicapper and if the handicapper is really good, he will take a note of this and advise you about if there is any action in the spread or lines since it’s of an advantage to the bettor. While there are many sportsbooks, one of which may be your favorite, a smart sports investor will observe the line movement at various sportsbooks and will take its advantage.

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Though it can be a bit confusing to keep a watch on multiple sportsbooks at a time, you can use an odd tracking service that consolidates the lines and offers a real time feed at a reasonable cost.


Now, when points spreads are not involved, the bet is called a pick’em. In this, the bettor or handicapper has only to pick the winner. If that team happens to win, the bettor or handicapper wins regardless of point spread and team’s position on the spread line. To make it simple, pick’em just means that both the teams have even spread and you have to pick the winner.

A pick’em bet saves you against the risk by wagering on a team regardless of spread and you need not worry if you have no knowledge of team’s past record, performance and form. Now, you can also have Gametime Blitz: Sports Pick’em App with which pick’em betting becomes so easy and fun.

Pick’em betting is perfect for those who want less risk of picking a wrong team. As you improve in sports investing and hone your betting strategies, you may get chances in pick’em games of finding from the underlying data where both teams are evenly matched, but you can also find how one of the teams performs in specific field types, weather conditions, or home vs. away while playing against a same team.

Based on this information, you may choose to bet in pick’em style to have a comfortable and enjoyable sports betting experience.

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