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Posted by on Feb 27, 2017 in Sports Fans |

Top 4 Rules to Wear Sports Fan Jerseys in a Stylish Way

Top 4 Rules to Wear Sports Fan Jerseys in a Stylish Way

rules to wear sports fan jerseysSo, it’s a game day and you are ready to rep your favorite team by wearing one of your rocking jerseys. You take it out along with a pair of jeans, sneakers and now you are about to tuck the jersey in your jeans; but stop! You will ruin what could have been a fantastic ensemble. Sports fans tend to think that as long as they have a cool jersey, they are good to go! Sadly, it’s not the case always. Just like in other walks of life, style matters here too. If you want to look stylish while supporting your favorite team, there are a few tips you should follow.

1. Avoid Tucking In

Jerseys comes in the category of casual attire. Do you tuck your tee in? Or polo? Obviously not! Athletes while being on the field tuck in their jerseys because they should according to the rules of most sports leagues. There is a valid reason behind it and also a correlation to performance. But you aren’t having to perform other than showing off your chugging skill. Therefore, don’t tuck your jersey in unless you want to look the stupidest.

2. Wear a Shirt Under the Jersey

Every jersey looks awesome with a ¾ sleeve or a raglan shirt under it. This works for every sport, but in
Florida, Texas and Arizona, the climate is hot; so, here you can use a regular cotton tee.

A caution here is about basketball jerseys. They are often worn as tank tops in summer. This is okay, but be sure that you make some gym time first. T-shirts with ¾ sleeves look excellent under basketball jerseys and tees are 50-50. Make sure to color coordinate.

3. Get a Good Fitting

It’s surprising why people wear XXL size when they are clearly of medium size. This becomes tough with some football jerseys since authentic NFL jerseys start at size 48. This is a size too big for most people. You need not get your jersey tailored, but you should choose one of your size. Jerseys are not suitable to most body types; therefore they look even worse when it’s too big or too small. If you don’t have an alternative, you can get one size above, but only for a sport in which shoulder pads are involved.

4. Shoes are Important Too

Guys may not realize this but women care a lot about shoes. If the day is warm, boat shoes or flip flops are perfectly okay with your jersey. For snearkerheads, sneakers are fine as far as they are fresh. Get some crisp, comfortable, casual shoes with your jersey so you won’t fall into a fashion blunder!

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