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Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in Football |



fanalyzeIt’s no secret that the Fantasy Sports Industry has to go through a great level of scrutiny for past many years, which has increased with the still growing popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Actually no reason should exist for such a great scrutiny on the industry as a whole, instead it’s more necessary to help critics understand why of this would likely sway even the harshest critics off their stance and possibly into participation. There are several tools including designed to make the game easier to play and increasingly more fun. The industry has become quite a monster, so it’s important to understand why there’s a requirement for such means in this space.

Growth of the Industry has leveled off year over year but has still more than tripled to more than $57 million since 2006. With a common player spending over $550 per year on fantasy sports I’m no mathematician but that’s more than $31 billion people spending only in Canada and the U.S. More women are playing fantasy spots than ever, actually more than 1/3rd of that $57 million are from women, and this community isn’t bored having a too long time to spend, more than 66% of the demographic is of collegiate. With a regular player being 38.5 years of age, it’s good to know I have a few major years in hand, however at the end of the day irrespective of you feel, this industry is strong, and not going anywhere. Actually the Industry as one caters far more human nature to outright ignore. The chances are, especially if you are a sports enthusiast that you are closely related to someone who not just play, but commits to fantasy sports as a full-scale pastime. Too many human elements can be listed, but social usually tops the list for most players. There is a control element and strong power that must be factored in and healthy competition is generally welcomed. For several people it makes viewing their favorite sport more fascinating, and why wouldn’t it?

There are many related numbers in the analysis above, but the thing most speaking of is that fantasy sports are so deeply entrenched in the fabric of the unfussy sports fans that the mainly middle class are willing to spend between $500 and $600 per year. This means that not only do players wish to play, but a beyond average amount of participants want to win or at least finish in the cash. That’s the reason why is so wonderful. The site enables fantasy players to use a variety of platforms including but not limited to NFL, ESPN and Yahoo to upload their fantasy rosters while in turn providing analysis on general performance depending on past player creation and projected output. This better informs players to make intelligent choices regarding their timetables without bouncing around on various portals. One application together with quick and high quality data will eventually lead to an improved user experience, and accepts this form and portrays a clear sensitivity to the users time and resources with their offering. The site offers multiple plans including a free alternative covering a range of fantasy sports participation. There isn’t a more user-friendly and efficient research portal on the market at the moment and enables the user to sync multiple teams easily while also supporting their site with an Android and iOS driven APP arriving soon.

The Fantasy Sports Industry will continue to support research sites like, since they will make the both the industry more profitable and user experience more pleasurable. Upload your schedule for free and check it out.