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Posted by on Jan 28, 2017 in Football |

No Super Bowl LI for the one-and-done Dallas Cowboys

No Super Bowl LI for the one-and-done Dallas Cowboys

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The Super Bowl LI is this Sunday February 5th. And there is lots to garner from last year’s NFL Playoffs. Here are a few things that we have learned from the rounds of divisional wild-card, and championship games, making their way up to the New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday in Houston for Super Bowl LI.

Did you have the Cowboys beating the Packers for the final four in the NFL Playoffs?

“America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys with its potent offensive line, Ezekiel Elliott, Sean Lee, and the rookie quarterback Dak Prescott brought many wins back to Dallas. But, the one-and-done 34-31 home loss of the Cowboys to the Green Bay Packers was alarming and the instant consensus in Dallas was a simple shrug.

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Jerry Jones’ franchise is at 3-9 in its past 12 playoff games since 1996, when Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys won their 3rd Super Bowl in four years. They have gone one-and-done now for an incredibly six of their last eight postseason appearances, including two times in the divisional round after earning first week byes.

Elliott and Prescott provide a strong promise for the future of this franchise. However, any franchise among the 32 can tell you: There are no guarantees in the NFL Playoffs. Bad luck, improving opposition, salary cap, injuries, coaching change, potential work stoppage; there are many variables that can cut or impede the fortune of any NFL team on any Sunday.


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For the Dallas Cowboys there was no guarantee that a single strong regular season will get them over the New York Giants. A simple fact, the only two regular season losses of the Cowboys occurred in their division games to the same 11-5 NY Giants team, a reason to doubt Dallas and maybe for Giants to claim the NFC East in two consecutive seasons.

An elimination playoff Football game is very exciting, but unusual! If you watched Baseball there is five or seven-game playoff series. The teams ride the waves of momentum, modify their strategies and fight until the top of the cream would elevate over the long haul and head to the next round.

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In most playoff series across baseball, basketball and hockey, the lesser team can’t get away with a single great day. Most pro sports teams can win over any other team once. Winning a whole series truly means proving oneself as superior.

Take hockey for example, after six grueling games the seventh game is played with overtime until a lucky or unlucky bounce of the puck brings a change in history. The one game potential luck win in a Football playoff is nullified; or in other words, the winner is always the superior team.

This holds true in a playoff series format. But it’s also true with an individual athlete with an off-day; so, only one loss determining an entire season of a team might not be a real measure of the ability of the team, but that’s American Football.

And of course, it’s the way football and the NFL is scheduled and played for a lot of good reasons. Everyone is on an equal ground, with high pressure, and subject to an unquestionably spectacular event.

So, are you ready for Super Bowl LI? It’s American Football at its best!
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