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Posted by on Nov 22, 2017 in Indoor Sports |

10 Reasons You Need to Start Playing Table Tennis

10 Reasons You Need to Start Playing Table Tennis

table tennisIt might just sound like just another game of ping pong and you must have played it on your PlayStation or Xbox as well. But table tennis is whole lot of a different deal when it comes to the real life. Although it is one of the most popular sports in the world, people still consider it tough when they see the players standing feet away from the table and still managing to pass the ping pong exactly where it needs to be. But it is one of the best games one can play and there are many things that make it best, which we have tried to cover in our 10 reasons you need to start playing table tennis.

10. Enjoyment

It’s one of those sports that are going to keep you up on your toes but on the same time a single shot that is as accurate as it can get, makes a person laugh and enjoy it to his core. This is exactly what makes table tennis special that anyone can play it and it serves as a very good source of happiness and enjoyment. Time that you kill, playing table tennis isn’t going to be a time wasted.

9. It’s Cheap

Another very noticeable thing that you need to notice about this very game is that if you want to play it you don’t have to spend too much money on the equipment and safety measures. Just a nice ball that is easily available alongside a good ping pong paddle can do. You don’t have to get yourself any guards or helmets or pads. A good evenly distributed table and a player is all you need to enjoy the game to its fill. Also the cost of joining a club and the weekly club fees are usually quite low.

8. Makes you social

Definitely one is not going to get the same player again and again every day to play the table tennis with. So it is a very good chance for you to interact with newer people. You must have a table tennis table in your office or somewhere in the community where the players will be turning in to have a good time. That is where you get to make newer friends and get a chance to be social if you’re more like an introvert. Benefits all over.

7. Its Space Efficient

Since all you’re going to need is a table as the basic ground for the game it is as special as it gets. You can get the setup done anywhere indoor and it is absolutely space efficient. You don’t have to go for any special arrangement other than good lights which are very normal. It is quite easy to fit from 8 to 16 tables in the space used by a basketball court. So that is another one of the characteristics that make it a good game to choose and a good game to play.

6. It works all year

Since the game is totally indoor so one thing is for sure, that is, you don’t have to get worried about the weather and weather causing a bad effect to the game or to the other results of the game. So the game works all over the year and you can play it whenever you want. Thanks for being a non-seasonal sport you can also play it even in a bright day or at a darker than black night. This also reduces the cost of adding up lots of sun blocks in your bags and keeping the skin clean.

5. It’s good for reflexes

So have you ever seen a game of table tennis being played? Whenever you do, you will notice that the game goes really fast and the accuracy is needed. Also that the ping pong ball is smaller in size and is made in a way to travel faster this can actually train your reflexes more than just usual and alternatively it makes one get sharper with mind. The game requires the player to make decisions and move the body way quicker and get in a position to play the shot. That’s a plus point for the body here.

table tennis

4. It’s for every age

Table tennis is for everyone, the time you’re tall enough to see through that tiny net of the table from that time to your eighties you can play this game and can be an expert of it till that age as well. To some people it serves as one of the very good sources because they get to do all of the exercise and also the physical activity that they need. As older you get for the game as much as your reflexes in the game improve as well.

3. It’s for everyone

Once again, table tennis gets to be one of the most generous games as it doesn’t have any limitation for the gender. It’s commonly played at clubs between 60-year-old veterans and 15-year-old juniors, or women playing against men. Table tennis puts no one away in the field of comparison and that is something unique for a sport.

2. Its gentle

How many times have you heard that a person was playing table tennis and because of that he or she got injured or got cramps? Table tennis is as gentle for the human body as possible. So as a non-contact sport, you don’t have to worry about those bruises or even broken bones that you can get in contact sports.

1. It keeps you fit

Last but not least and also the most important. Table tennis keeps you fit and fitness is what leads to a better health, better health at the end leads to a longer life. This is something all of us want so if you want to choose a sport that can keep you up for all of the challenges for your body then table tennis should definitely be your choice and everyone else’s.