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Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Indoor Sports |

Handball – An Awesome Sport You Should Play and Watch

Handball – An Awesome Sport You Should Play and Watch

Handball is an exciting sport with numerous variations and different origins. Team handball and American handball are surely one of the most common forms of this sport. Keep on reading to learn some basic facts about handball!

Team handball is played in the Olympics, so it’s popular world-wide, although it originated in Europe in the beginning of the 20th century. It requires two teams of 7 players: so, there are 14 players in the field. The aim of the team handball is to throw the ball into the opponents’ goal; it’s some kind of cross between basketball and football/soccer. On the other hand, American handball is something like a squash, but with the players hitting the ball with their hands, not with a racquet. In 1880s when Irish immigrants came to the United States, they actually brought the game with them.

american handballBoth variations are engaging sports offering a great workout while having fun. Since it’s played by 14 players, handball is a great way for socializing and bonding with friends and co-workers. For a team handball, the only equipment you need is the goals and the ball, while American handball. which doesn’t use goals, requires protective gear: eye protection and gloves, too. When it comes to attire, there aren’t hard and fast rules. In general, appropriate attire for a work out, such as a pair of sports shoes (specialized handball shoes are commonly reserved for the international level), shorts and t-shirts are acceptable. In both cases, the equipment requirements are minimal, so you can enjoy the game with the minimum of investments.

In my opinion, team handball is one of the most underrated sports in the U.S while it’s rather popular in Europe (UK is an exception). It’s probably one of the sports you haven’t been watching, even during the Olympics. But, next year, in Rio, Brazil, give it a try and you’ll see what an amazing sport you have been missing!