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Posted by on Feb 11, 2020 in Misc Sports Articles |

3 Awesome Tips to Make Your Ab Workouts More Effective

3 Awesome Tips to Make Your Ab Workouts More Effective

ab workoutsMore than anything else, everyone is concerned about the midsection of the body. Whether or not, an individual is exercise-savvy, s/he wants a flat and lean tummy. Also, you could be aiming for adding a few pounds of lean muscles or shedding a few pounds, ultimately you want to have your abs strong, lean and flat. So, you need to find out what’s stopping you from getting it. Here are a few tips.

1. Connection between Muscles and Mind

The first thing you should ensure is whether you’ll be increasing the total tension on abs while making a good connection between mind and muscles. Sit and think about the last time you performed your ab workouts. Did you just perform it for the sake of it, paying no attention to what you’re doing? Maybe you were thinking of what you can eat after the workout and a meeting you’d to attend.

It’s very important that you should also be mentally there while doing your workouts. Once you’re mentally somewhere else, your intensity in the workout reduces. Alongside, your overall muscular recruitment reduces. Ultimately you get poor results from each of your ab workouts, taking you further away from your goals.

Instead if you focus on every single muscle fiber in the abs as you exercise, you get much better from your workout and ensure that you are working on those muscles deepest within the core.

2. Intensity

Second most important thing you should consider is to increase the intensity. Although the regular crunch is good and can offer a few benefits, it won’t possibly cut it any longer after a while. You need something more to surprise the system and give a higher amount of stimulus to make those muscles respond. And here the intensity comes into play.

You can increase the intensity of your ab workouts by shortening the breaks you take between the workouts or by adding some type of weight resistance to the workout themselves, so that ab muscles work harder as you proceed through the session.

3. Diversity

Diversity is also an important factor you should consider to make your ab workouts more effective. Just as you don’t wish to perform the same leg workout in the gym for months, you don’t want to depend on the same ab workouts. The abs are more likely to adapt to any stress than any other muscle groups in the body. So, you should change ab workouts more often than any other workouts.

Find around 10 to 15 different ab workouts that you can incorporate into your daily exercises. There are plenty out there, so, you don’t have to worry.

So, have you started planning your ab workout sessions with these tips?