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Posted by on Dec 16, 2017 in Misc Sports Articles |

Chiropractic Care and Sports

Chiropractic Care and Sports

sports chiropractorThere are many benefits to playing sports. In addition to the physical rewards and health dividends, playing sports builds self-esteem, reduces stress and fosters teamwork. As we age, though, those sports become more challenging, and our bodies remind us of our physical limitations. Oftentimes, we decide to give up, or resort to surgery or painkillers to get us through the discomfort. There is, however, a non-invasive way to treat the pain without the medication and without giving up your favorite pastime. We caught up with a Chiropractor out of Texas ( for some insight and came away with this to share with you.

A Sports Chiropractor is one that is dedicated to treating the disorders and injuries of the muscles, joints and nerves. He or she will provide specialized care encompassing the management, rehabilitation and performance of the entire neuromuscular system. To determine an athlete’s lack of optimal performance or source of pain, an experienced chiropractor will use an advanced kinetic chain approach for assessment and treatment, and work in conjunction with massage therapists, personal trainers, acupunctures and physical therapists to help athletes cultivate and maintain their bodies. A sports chiropractor can specifically compose a treatment plan based on the individual needs of each patient and then will help to restore musculoskeletal functions by manipulating the spine, joints and the soft tissues. Teaching patients about how to care for their bodies properly and prevention of injuries is also part of their care.

For these reasons, many athletes rely on the care of qualified chiropractors. Regular care can help restore an injured spine to its proper alignment and function, as well as reduce pain and inflammation. In addition to being helpful after an injury, many athletes now engage in ongoing chiropractic care to prevent injury and to give them a competitive edge. Athletes of all sports have recognized the benefits of routine chiropractic care, including better coordination and balance, faster running and an increased range of motion. If an injury does occur, most athletes consider traditional forms of care, ranging from surgery to medication to help them with the rehabilitation process. Chiropractic care, while not as mainstream as some other medical choices, is a holistic answer to pain relief care. The manipulation of muscles, tendons and ligaments to facilitate joint movement speeds up the healing process, increases blood flow and returns the athlete to prime condition. An athlete that has sustained a minor sports injury can accelerate the body’s natural healing process by utilizing all the tools of chiropractic care. Its noninvasive and can provide immediate results without the use of pharmaceuticals. With the addition of opioids on the rise, chiropractic care is a healthy alternative. Unlike pain medication that masks the pain, chiropractic care focuses on truly alleviating it. And while a medical doctor can treat symptoms, a chiropractor can take the time to educate the athlete on natural, preventative care, as well as exercises to ensure the body bounces back from injury quicker. Additionally, sports chiropractors stress the importance of a proper diet and hydration to keep the sports enthusiast in the best possible physical shape, whereas a medical doctor may not be able to take the extra time to share this information.

Many athletes are turning to chiropractic care because it is drug free and it is a proactive approach to preventing injuries as opposed to treating them after the fact. Participating in routine spinal adjustments can improve flexibility and mobility, reducing the likelihood of strains and various injuries. This approach gives the athlete the ability to enhance their athletic aptitude. Athletes, whether they are playing an independent game or as part of a group of teammates, need to maintain proper spinal alignment or risk permanent injury. Sometimes, injury cannot be avoided but in other instances, the pain is a manifestation of injuries built up over time. Chiropractic care can help both types of injuries by increasing circulation and helping the body to restore itself.

performance chiropractor

Chiropractic care, once considered to be quack medicine, has become increasingly mainstream in the past few decades. It has become so accepted that many professional sports teams now employ full time chiropractors to work with their athletes, as a preventative measure and as a response to injury. Certain athletes can substantially benefit from chiropractic care, for instance, baseball and softball players. Athletes who play these sports throw at high velocity, which can damage the arm, elbow and even the spine over time. This misalignment of the spine can limit the range of motion, limiting the athlete’s overall performance. Sports chiropractic care can focus on correcting the spine and maintaining its alignment, improving an athlete’s effectiveness.

Other athletes who play rough contact sports like rugby, football and hockey risk long lasting effects on their bodies. Players of volleyball and soccer require tremendous stamina, and repetitive jumping, running and contact can produce wear and tear on their bodies. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help reduce the issues these athletes encounter. While these are just a few of the sports athletes that can be helped by chiropractic care, there are countless others, from tennis players to runners to golfers who can benefit from a qualified chiropractic doctor’s care.

In addition to the adjustments and manipulations to the spine, chiropractors can also provide other services, like massage therapy to alleviate joint and muscle pain. In clinical tests, chiropractic care for athletes has proven to be quite effective. Spinal adjustments have been shown to treat pain caused by repetitive motion, powerful collisions or too much exertion. A chiropractor will help to keep any athlete in proper alignment which also helps to lessen recovery time when an injury does occur.

If you are an athlete, it may benefit you to consider sports chiropractic care. Not only can it help to alleviate your pain and to shorten the amount of time you will need to recover, but it is also important as preventative care. It is an effective, non-invasive way to combat the wear and tear on the body associated with competitive sports. Other options, including surgery and prescription medication, can alleviate the problems, but come with risks. Chiropractic care offers minimal risks and maximum results!