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Posted by on Apr 25, 2022 in Misc Sports Articles |

Frescotennis – An Innovative Sport that Offers Health Benefits and Group Enjoyment

Frescotennis – An Innovative Sport that Offers Health Benefits and Group Enjoyment

FrescotennisWhat is Frescotennis?

Frescotennis is a highly active paddle sport designed for physical and mental fitness. It can be played on any full tennis or pickleball court. 2 to 6 players can play with handmade paddles and unique high-velocity 50mm hybrid rubber balls.

What Gear Do You Need to Play Frescotennis?

To play Frescotennis, you need string-less paddles that are handmade in Brazil and the United States. These paddles use advanced fiberglass and solid carbon fiber technology. Plus, you need specially designed official Frescotennis 50mm rubber balls.

Paddles: A pair of paddles is one of the most essential elements to play Frescotennis at your best. To get the most out of the paddles, their weight should just be appropriate. Generally, heavier paddles are preferable because the added weight increases the speed and accuracy of your shots. You can choose from 3 material types – solid wood, solid or shell fiberglass and solid carbon fiber. You’ll have to make sure to wear a glove on-court and your paddle has the correct amount of griptape for proper performance.

50mm Rubber Ball: This is the next most essential element to play FT. Its high velocity dynamic qualities make the game fresh and lively. The 50mm ball has been designed with intense mechanics and accuracy, although some factors like wind, water and top-spin can change the general dynamics.

Why do You Enjoy Frescotennis?

Frescotennis involves intense agility. When you play this game, you cannot remain inactive even for a moment as you have to pay attention to the opponents’ strokes. If you want to outshine your opponent you have to play with smashing forehands, backhands, volley and brains.

How Does Frescotennis Compare to Tennis?

Frescotennis is similar to tennis. However, it involves much less body impact and damage. The less a game gives you physical impact, the more you enjoy the game. Both these sports involve speed. But since Frescotennis reduces the risk of injuries, it refreshes you rather than tiring you.

Is Frescotennis Similar To Pickleball?

Frescotennis is preferred by athletes to pickleball because it gives you a total workout experience. Since it’s played on a full tennis court, the area of play is much larger than that of pickleball court (but Frescotennis can also be played on a pickleball court). Also, Frescotennis can accommodate a higher number of players. However, it’s noteworthy that pickleball players are usually amazing Frescotennis players. So, if you are a pickleball player, you are highly likely to excel in Frescotennis.

Can Frescotennis be Played as Doubles?

Another point that makes Frescotennis stand out from the rest of the traditional games is that you can play it not only as Singles but also as Doubles and Triples (3v3). What’s more, it can also be played in a special revolving 3-Player version. So, you can bring along your friends and enjoy the game together.

Can be Played with House Rules

Besides the flexibility of playing as Singles, Doubles, Triples and special revolving 3-player version, FT also offers the flexibility of playing with House Rules such as allowing underhand serves and disallowing active double lines. Thus, you can customize FT rules to your liking!

Best Option for Health

If you’re bored of monotonous exercises, start playing Frescotennis. FT Rally Play offers an excellent cardio workout, core muscle building, high-level calorie burn and general toning. Even though the sport is extremely active, you can pick your own pace and start playing it with no stress involved. Based on real world medical studies and current IFL member feedback, the IFL believes that Frescotennis, in coordination with a healthy lifestyle, when played 1-3+ times per week can build your optimum health.


Frescotennis - highly active

What is the IFL?

The IFL stands for the International Frescotennis League. This is the official governing body for the sport of Frescotennis. A panel of three members known as IFL Executive Officials run the league. Their job is to conduct and act on majority votes relating to general decisions, tournament organization, official rules and regulation regarding Frescotennis.

So, when are you going to start playing Frescotennis?