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Posted by on Feb 24, 2020 in Misc Sports Articles |

Kettlebell Fitness Training – Tremendous Improvement in Your Clients’ Strength and Performance

Kettlebell Fitness Training – Tremendous Improvement in Your Clients’ Strength and Performance

kettlebell fitness trainingIf you’re a fitness trainer and think all the time how you can improve your training skills, kettlebell training is certainly worth considering. Several personal trainers who incorporate kettlebells in their training programs have found a sudden growth in the efficiency of their clients and thereby in number of clients enrolling for their training programs.

What is Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebells are weights made of cast iron shaped like a ball with a handle which can be easily gripped. These weigh form 5 lbs. to more than 100 lbs.

These weights originated in Russia and became popular in the US decades ago. In the last few years, there is once again a resurgence of these weights just because they offer a different type of training with dynamic actions targeting virtually every aspect of fitness, i.e. strength, cardio endurance, agility, balance and general endurance. Fitness enthusiasts love it because they get an overall efficient and challenging workout with just one piece of equipment.

The kettlebell fitness training includes holding the kettlebell in one or both hands and performing a variety of actions like the snatch, two arm swing, high pull and loaded carry. Some actions even involve changing the weight from one hand to the other as the weight swings up or laterally, needing you to stabilize the body and involve the core in an all new way.

Other actions need power from the hips and legs to move the weight, offering you integrated full-body actions that are often missed with other kinds of training.

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Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell can offer tremendous benefits to almost any of your clients. In a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, it was found that after eight weeks of kettlebell training, the exercisers experienced significant improvement in core strength, balance and endurance.

Some of the marked benefits of kettlebell training are:

  • Improved agility and coordination
  • Improved alignment and posture
  • Time efficient because it brings improvement within a short time
  • You can perform other types of exercises more efficiently
  • Improvement in back pain
  • Simple exercise

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Benefits of Kettlebell Coach Certification

The kettlebell coach certification gives you a huge benefit over coaches who don’t have this certification. It gives you a simple yet powerful and effective approach of learning and teaching proper kettlebell exercises.

With this single and simple piece of equipment, you can develop explosive power, incredible overall strength and muscular endurance in your clients with the fullest potential.

With the training, you can grow your kettlebell fitness business and enjoy an increased income. So, why not opt for it?