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Posted by on Apr 10, 2020 in Misc Sports Articles |

NESTA and Spencer Institute’s Solution for Fitness Coaching Businesses on COVID-19 Crisis

NESTA and Spencer Institute’s Solution for Fitness Coaching Businesses on COVID-19 Crisis

fitness training onlineAs the coronavirus pandemic has seized the world, several industries have fallen into a deep black hole as the increasing uncertainty causes the global market shares to tumble. Industries like oil, tourism, automobiles and airlines have suffered a massive hit.

While the COVID-19 pandemic severely affected all the industries, it changed the fitness and coaching industry more dramatically than almost any other industry in the world. Most governments announced the closure of non-essential public places, which include gyms, health clubs and other fitness-related facilities.

As a result, the fitness industry suffered considerable financial losses as numerous fitness facilities closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic recession has left a long-term impact on the wellness industry, as several personal trainers and gym employees find themselves jobless. Many gyms, Pilates studios and other facilities have laid off 95+% of their staff because of the damaging effects of coronavirus pandemic had on their sales.

Suddenly gyms, health clubs, fitness centers, personal trainers, health coaches, wellness consultants, sports coaches and nutrition experts have to shift gears and work online and from home.

Although some of the fitness professionals faced no problems in shifting their businesses to their homes, for many others it was and is not that easy. They are still in a confusion regarding how to run their fitness training online businesses successfully from home.

However, some organizations have come up with creative solutions with which they can survive and help others survive too. They are actively trying to help fitness professionals by finding some innovative ideas.

For example, NESTA and Spencer Institute are giving away the entire Home Gym Profit Center for free to help trainers and coaches set up training clients at their home.

home office set-up for health and wellness coaches

What is this Giveaway?

NESTA and Spencer Institute have created a COVID-19 Business Rescue Plan for fitness trainers, sports coaches, yoga trainers, gym owners, health coaches, fitness consultants and diet-and-nutrition experts. This is a completely free gift from them to these professionals. With this system, you can work with your clients at the comfort of your home and you won’t have to step out in the unsafe environment full of the risk of contracting the coronavirus infection.

With the help of this COVID-19 Business Rescue Plan, you can build a home gym and continue to earn without having to travel anywhere, waste time in travel and money on fuel, and share your income with a gym, health club or similar facility. You can turn your home into a fitness and coaching profit center. NESTA and Spencer Institute will help you in that.

How can You Get the Giveaway?

You can get this amazing giveaway with the purchase of any certification from NESTA or Spencer Institute. You will get the complete online coach training system for free.

home office set-up for yoga coaches

Benefits of COVID-19 Business Rescue Plan to Fitness Professionals

Your Income won’t be Stopped

If you were sad with a thought that you’ll no longer be able to earn for you and your family for an unknown amount of time and wondering how days will pass without money, the COVID-19 Business Rescue Plan will help you continue your income.

You’ll be Safe in Your Home

As personal trainers working from home, you won’t have to be afraid of catching the coronavirus infection. You don’t have to touch your clients or any other person. Thus, you and they will be safe in home.

You’ll Save Time and Money

In addition to earning money, you’ll also save money because you won’t have to drive and your money on fuel will be saved. You’ll also save time you’d have to give to traveling. You can utilize this time in other useful things e.g. spending quality time with your family.

So, cheer up and prepare yourself for the new business of online fitness training.