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Posted by on Feb 20, 2020 in Misc Sports Articles |

Speed, Agility and Quickness Training for Athletes – Beneficial for You and Your Clients

Speed, Agility and Quickness Training for Athletes – Beneficial for You and Your Clients

speed agility and quickness training for athletesIf you’ve heard about speed, agility and quickness training, you may think that as athletes, you clients are already healthy, speedy, quick and agile, so, do they need special training to become agile. However, you’d be surprised to know that such a special training can improve your clients’ sports performance and gain you a reputation as an excellent coach, which of course, translates into expansion of your coaching business and increased income.

If you’re still in doubt about the speed, agility and quickness training, here are some prominent benefits of this training.

Increased Balance and Coordination

Once you start speed, agility and quickness training for athletes, you’d notice a remarkable improvement in your clients’ balance and coordination which will make them more nimble and stable on their feet. You can train your footballer clients to use a speed ladder to carry out their agility drills to enhance foot speed and quickness. You can give your clients the training of lateral running which improves stability of ankles and knees. This is particularly beneficial for hikers and trail runners who have to often hike or run on technical and unstable terrain such as Appalachian Trail.

speed and agilit ysports training

Prevention of Injuries

Do you remember the time when you or some of your clients tore a ligament in your knee because of a simple mistake? Or when you pulled a muscle in the lower back because of a wrong lift position? You might have seen such injuries commonly occurring in your own as well as your clients’ life. They happen when your body falls out of alignment while the athlete is in the middle of a dynamic movement such as running, jumping or lifting.

Here’s where agility training steps in. It improves control, balance and flexibility, and helps body maintain proper posture and alignment during movements. Proper agility training offers protection to vulnerable areas like shoulders, lower back and ankles from injuries. All in all, SAQ training has benefits for you and your clients.

SAQ training

What do You Learn as a Fitness Trainer?

The fitness trainer education for speed, agility and quickness teaches you exercise science, injury prevention and safety, equipment options and selection, options for indoor and outdoor training, non-equipment drills, speed training and much more, which you can make use of to train your clients. This can benefit your clients in the form of their improved performance which in turn benefits you in the form of increased reputation as a fitness trainer.

So, have you now changed your opinion about agility training for sports and athletes, and are planning to get it?

agility training for sports and athletes