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Posted by on Oct 13, 2017 in Outdoor sports, Sports Equipment |

Essential Ski Gear to Enjoy Your Skiing Adventure to the Fullest

Essential Ski Gear to Enjoy Your Skiing Adventure to the Fullest

ski gear buying tipsBefore you start your skiing adventure, you want to get dressed up in proper clothing so as to feel great. You need not look great but should feel great – i.e. you don’t need a fancy party dress or suit, but you need a dress that will keep you warm, dry and cozy. Why should you be so keen about your ski gear? It’s because wrong gear may leave you feeling horrible.

Start early and get the right gear for success. Leave cotton and stick to wool or at least synthetic fabrics. This is because if the cotton gets wet, either from snow or sweat, it won’t dry out soon, making you feel cold and damp, and shivering.

Here are tips to find the right ski gear which you should buy from the right ski shop.


Never forget to wear a helmet. Snow sports include high physical activity and it means that there are high chances of falling down. A helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 30% to 50%. You can even rent one.


At high altitudes, intensity of UV rays increases by many times. Even the snow can bounce off into your eyes. This can cause a condition called snow blindness. Plus, your eyes need protection from the blowing snow and debris that cause irritation. Hence, sunglasses are not a good choice. If there are tears in your eyes, they will freeze at the freezing temperatures, further irritating your eyes.


You have to dress up in layers because layers close to your body will serve two purposes – insulating you and wicking away sweat thus you can avoid feeling cold and wet.


Choose underwear made of synthetic, quick-dry material.

Base Layer

Your base layer has to be wool or synthetic. Depending on your remaining gear, choose mid- to heavy-weight.

Mid Layer

Depending on your remaining gear, you may or may not need the mid layer. The best option is fleece. A zipped jacket is recommendable because you can undo it if you feel too warm.


Quality ski socks are snugly fitting and are taller than standard socks, thus they are good mates of ski boots. If socks bunch up inside you ski boots, they cause a terrible feeling. So, don’t skimp on ski socks; buy high-quality socks made of a performance material like wool.


As a beginner, you may have to spend more of your time on your butt in the snow. So, look for pants that are waterproof and not constricting. Preferably go for insulated pants.


Here too you should find a comfortable fit and waterproof fabric. Also look for “pit zips” to let yourself cool off when overheated.


Remember not to take frostbite lightly. So, gloves are a must. With cheap gloves, your fingers can get numb in no time in the freezing temperatures. Choose gloves that are specially made for freezing temperatures and are waterproof.

Choose the right gear and enjoy your skiing adventure to the fullest.