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Posted by on Feb 21, 2017 in Outdoor sports |

Top 6 Things to Do to Achieve a Perfect Baseball Swing

Top 6 Things to Do to Achieve a Perfect Baseball Swing

baseball swingThe excellence in hitting a baseball depends on the various setups and stances. However, once the hitter reaches the contact point, all the differences are removed and only similarities and absolutes remain. Every good hitter has to do the following 6 things for a perfect swing. Keep in mind that hitting is a battle and often using your athletic skills to hit a ball will achieve all the perfect mechanics we are concerned with.

1. Hitting Against a Firm Front Side

Hitting against a firm front side doesn’t always mean to stiffen the leg; there can be a slight bend in your leg to keep your hand and the rest of the body behind the baseball. The use of this leg will be to stop your forward momentum and begin the axis of rotation that you will next be hitting on. This is extremely important as once you lose this firm front side, you will lose a considerable bat speed and there is a drastic increase in your head movement.

2. Keep Your Back Foot on its Toe

While committing your backside and deciding to swing, the force generated by you going towards the baseball will be ceased abruptly by your firm front side; thus you can begin rotation. What remains is your back toe upon or a bit off the ground.

3. Watch Experts

Along with the traditional coaching, it’s also important to watch and study the experts to produce the world class swing mechanics in your style. Watching Ted Williams swing or Gary Sanchez swing, for example, can maximize your abilities, as you identify and execute the movements of these great hitters.

4. Palm Up for a Right-hander, Palm Down for a Left-hander

If the hitter is right-handed, while taking the bat away at contact and open his hands, his right hand must face up toward the sky and if the hitter is left-handed, his palm should face towards ground. This bat grip is the strongest position you can have in contact.

5. Head On the Ball

This means to see the ball at its contact point. This may seem obvious, but it’s not easy. Learning how to hit a baseball begins with how to see the ball.

6. Bring Your Head, Back Knee and Back Hip in a Straight Line

This is similar to stick your head, hip and knee to a pole and rotate around it. This ensures that you won’t have an awkward swing. is a place where you can read a lot about baseball swings. Keep in touch with this site to get useful tips.