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Posted by on Jan 12, 2017 in Misc Sports Articles, Outdoor sports |

Top Tips for Perfect Water Sports Marketing

Top Tips for Perfect Water Sports Marketing

St. Thomas ParasailingNo matter, how good your products or services are, your business cannot get a good boost unless you do proper marketing. The business of water sports is also not an exception. Water sports have increased to a tremendous extent. There are sports like parasailing, waterskiing, scuba diving, cave diving, yachting, boating, jet skiing, kayaking, kitesurfing, sailing, fishing, canoeing, spearfishing, ice diving and many, many more. Not to mention, their popularity among tourists and locals alike. Obviously there is a fierce competition in this business and you have to prove that you are the best of the best. Here are some water sports marketing tips.

Let the Customers See the Availability of Your Boats and Courses

Several tourists research what they can get in your destination and several others want to know what they can book beforehand in their locality. Let them find all the facts they want to know, through your website.

Ensure that your website features all your offers, ideally with attractive images of the activities. Offer online booking with which you can easily display all your offers. The customers should be able to see your boats, tours and courses in real time and should be able to book them online easily and at any time of the day.

Offer Equipment Rentals

If some potential customers want to arrange their tours independently offering them equipment rental is a smart move to take your business further. In that case too, show your equipment, like how many rowing boats or SUP boards or any other equipment you offer on rental.

The POS (Point-Of-Sale) Desk allows your customers several other choices of where and when they can book, whether straight at your office or through one of your agents or in a tourist office, etc. With a prompt demonstration of your remaining equipment, your daily business will become more efficient and you will never have oversight.

Provide Package Deals and Other Offers

There are many easy solutions to market your water sports in a personalized and memorable manner that can make your business stand out from others and cater your target audience. For example, you can offer underwater shootings and unique dives. You can sell travel packages too. For this you can even partner with other businesses and thereby expand your own inventory.

Provide On-board Sailing Trips

Sailing trips can differ from sports sailing, women-only cruises or fleet racing, but the important thing is that your customers get training to act as a team on a ship and everybody is responsible for everything. Thus you can offer an unforgettable experience to your customers. You can also offer a chance for them to dive in secluded bays or pulling a sail. is an ultimate resource for blasting growth into your water sports & boating business. They offer marketing assistance for Yacht Charter, Scuba, Parasailing, Jetski, Fishing, Eco Tours, Surf, Kayak Rentals & More! Their motto is “Blasting Profits into Your Watersports Business – It’s All We Do!”

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