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Posted by on Jan 29, 2018 in Football, Sports Fans |

Growing Importance of Women in NFL

Growing Importance of Women in NFL

ladies luv footballSince its initiation in 1920, the NFL has been a men’s game. Consider any sitcom and you will find the same situation: working knowledge of the game seems essential for that celebrated “man card”. These very shows present women as having a minimal association with the largest sport in the USA. Not only are they kept out from the football celebrations, but these imaginary portrayals indicate women who are curt about the obsession of their husbands with the sport.

Actually even coining the term “football fan” with “female” feels needless. And though we cannot say anything on the arrogant comments made by your guy friends, we can say that the NFL is taking major steps to incorporate women.

In the last few years, the NFL has left behind both the MLB and the NBA in regular-season female viewers. And women viewers of Super Bowl are increasing every year in terms of millions. Total of women viewers of NFL and Super Bowl came to be more than Academy Awards and Grammy Awards combined.

Actually the NFL lagged only college sports in having female fans counting almost 50% of their fan base. In the women of age group of 18 to 49, Sunday Night Football beat Dancing With The Stars, Grey’s Anatomy and Glee. And as you might have guessed that the number is only rising.

However, what has made women such an important audience for the League? And what steps is the organization is taking to not only involving women in the game, but also maintain them as lifelong fans? Take a closer look at women’s presence in NFL at Ladies Luv! This is the home of authentic NFL gear for women you can find nowhere else.