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Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Basketball |

10 Amusing NBA Facts

10 Amusing NBA Facts

nba factsNBA is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. The League was founded in June 1946 and soon got recognition as the men’s premier professional basketball league on the planet. Today NBA is considered to be one of the four leading professional sports leagues in Canada and the United States and their players are the highest paid sportsmen in the world. A lot of NBA articles have been and can be written about various interesting facts about the league. Here are some fun NBA facts that will amuse you.

1. The Tallest Player

The tallest player in the history of NBA is Romanian centre Gheorghe Muresan. He is 7’7” and spent five seasons in total in the league.

2. The Shortest Player

While the tallest player got the fame, the shortest was not less famous. Muggsy Bogues was only 5’3” but he was drafted in the league and had a massive 14-year career.

3. The Highest Salaried Player

Kevin Garnett is the highest salaried player of NBA receiving $28,000,000 and having a net worth of $180 million!

4. The Lowest Salaried Player

& there is a lowest salaried player too! Larry Owens of Washington Wizards got only $21,049 for an entire season!

5. Legendary Four Teams that Won Over Three Times

Only four teams could win more than thrice. These are: the Celtics, Bulls, San Antonio Spurs and Lakers.

6. Referee Found Betting

Referee Tim Donaghy was caught passing betting tips to fans and outside parties in 2007. Upon being caught, his claim was that he was doing so on the instructions of the NBA itself as it influenced the results of the Western Conference Finals between Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers in 2002.

7. Fine for Own Shoes

Can you imagine someone being fined for wearing his own shoes? But Michael Jordan was! Commissioner David Stern fined Michael $5,000 for wearing his own shoes in the first of his 1985 high-top series for each game he played them in.

8. Retired Players Went Bankrupt

It has been seen that around 60% of ex-players of NBA went bankrupt for some or the other reasons, within 5 years of retirement.

9. Struggle of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a highly esteemed player of NBA and overall basketball. However, he too had not an easy entry in the league as he wasn’t selected in the first round of 1984 NBA Draft and was passed over by the Portland Trail Blazers and Houston Rockets.

10. League’s Lion-Killer

NBA has a lion-killer! Manute Bol born in the African region of Nile Valley in the Dinka tribe once killed a lion that attacked the cattle of his family.

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