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Posted by on Mar 14, 2022 in Outdoor sports, Sports Equipment |

Top 4 Tips to Make Your Electric Skateboard Riding Experience Optimum Fun

Top 4 Tips to Make Your Electric Skateboard Riding Experience Optimum Fun

voeepOnce you realize how fun riding an electric skateboard is, you can never leave your board behind wherever you go. It will not only save you a ton of time, but it’s also a great exercise to keep your body and mind healthy and it’s downright fun! But do you know you can make it even more fun, just by doing a few things? Here they are.

Understand Your Board

Once you buy your electric skateboard from a leading company like, the more you know your board, the more fun your ride would be. Understand its features like colorful LED, powerful motors, flexibility, all-terrain wheels, and more.

Studying your board’s benefits, disadvantages and limitations will let you use it most appropriately and offer you optimum fun.

Choose a Sunny Day for the Ride

To add to the fun on your electric skateboard, you should choose days with the best weather. Riding your board in the rain is obviously not fun, and riding in snowy and icy conditions is absolutely dangerous. If you’re going to take your board while going for school, work or any other destination, check the weather before you leave. Getting caught in a thunderstorm while riding your board is of course not a pleasant experience. Although most boards today are waterproof, it’s wise to prefer driving in rainy, snowy and icy conditions.

electric skateboard

Take Good Care of Your Board

Riding a car that is not well-maintained is not fun. Similarly, an electric skateboard that is not maintained well and not in a top shape will spoil your ride. You can take care of your bord by:

  • Avoiding submerging your board completely in water
  • Avoiding extreme cold and heat
  • Removing dust and debris and keeping your board clean
  • Tightening trucks and wheels as required
  • Avoiding over-tightening your board’s parts
  • Fixing parts that are damaged or failing
  • Avoiding potholes and other road hurdles that can harm your board
  • Not tossing or dropping your board
  • Storing your bord in a clean and dry place
  • Letting the battery totally drain once in a while (preferably once in a month)
  • Updating your board’s firmware whenever possible

By following these tips, you’ll not only get the praises and thanks of your board, but also you’ll experience a lot of fun while riding.

Location can Optimize Your Experience

Location and route you choose for your ride can make all the difference. Choose scenic locations for the ride. Also, choose new areas which you’ve never been to before. After all, adventure translates itself as engaging into something new and unusual.

You can choose a jungle path and experience the colorful wildlife, flowers and greenery. You can even ride at night under a starry sky or to get showered in moonlight.

Don’t look at riding your electric skateboard as just traveling, but as opening your mind to new senses, various timings and different locations that can offer you new perceptions.

Hope you’ve started working on these tips and are looking forward to having a great fun with your electric skateboard. Happy riding!