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Posted by on Sep 25, 2022 in Basketball |

One Motion Jump Shooting – A Must-Learn for an Upcoming Basketball Player

One Motion Jump Shooting – A Must-Learn for an Upcoming Basketball Player

One Motion Jump ShootingOne motion jump shooting is an excellent technique because:

  • It’s very simple to teach and learn – it’s less complex than the traditional way players are taught to shoot
  • It’s very quick and effective
  • It’s efficient and can be used by any player (whether you’re experienced or have just started)

Players like Diana Turasi, Steve Nash and Stephen Curry have quick and compact shooting motions that enable them to shoot very quickly and precisely without jumping to the highest level.

It depends on the premise that your shot would be “one fluid motion” from start to finish. No pauses, hitches or wasted movements.

One motion jump shooting synchronizes body actions and energy flow.

What is One Motion Jump Shooting?

Several coaches use One Motion Jump Shooting while teaching basketball to young players. They prefer this technique because it’s simple, easy to teach and learn, and very effective.

The technique of one motion jump shooting is based on a simple concept: shooters that use the path of least resistance along the shot line get better results. Proper execution enables the player to experience:

  • Higher precision
  • Quicker release
  • Consistent form
  • Optimum results

Quick Release

One motion offers all players the best possible chance to make their shot. How? It doesn’t allow the ball to deviate from its path or speed along the shot line. Momentum flows freely all through the process, providing shooters better “feel” or “touch”. At the release point the ball is on an arc path between 42 and 48 degrees. This has been seen to yield most baskets.

How does “One Motion” Stand Apart among Other Techniques?

Two factors make One Motion stand out among other techniques: 1) Players require less effort while shooting 2) A quicker/smoother release is produced. The whole shooting process is non-stop which lets energy (power) easily flow up the shot line.

This is essential while achieving an effective shooting motion.

Easy to Learn

This technique consists of only two steps that can be learned in a short period of time. Both these steps work in harmony to create a smooth and effortless shooting motion.

Step 1: SET
Step 2: GO

You can enroll for One Motion Shooting Course by coach Rod Mosby to learn this technique.

What will You Learn in the Course?

You’ll learn the secret of becoming an elite shooter. Fortunately, great basketball shooters are not born but are made. This means you can apply your best efforts and become a great basketball shooter. Excellent coaching and hours of practice makes you a great player. By repeating the correct form thousands of times and developing total confidence in your shot, you can become a great shooter. If you keep guessing, you’ll miss shots.

This course is designed to teach the correct upper and lower body motor functions you need to master to become a great shooter. You’ll learn to use the power of your hips and legs to produce a force that will launch the basketball from different distances.

All in all, if you’re dreaming of becoming a basketball virtuoso, learn the one motion jump shooting and enjoy feeling proud of your talent.