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Posted by on May 16, 2020 in Basketball, Misc Sports Articles |

4 Excellent Tips to Improve Your Vertical Jump

4 Excellent Tips to Improve Your Vertical Jump

improving vertical jumpIn general, the vertical jump is supposed to be the only best quality of power and overall flexibility. Even coaches look at it as a simple sign of athletic abilities and on-field performance. For anyone looking forward to making an athletic career, a high jump is a surefire way to attract a coach’s attention. If you too are dreaming to become an outstanding athlete, here are four tips for you that will help you improve your vertical jump.

1. Get Rid of Leg Muscle Knots

Programs like Vert Shock are effectively designed for improving one’s vertical jump which is quite clear from a Vert Shock review. In addition, you can work with your own body to improve your vertical jump. One important task you should do for this is removing knots from your leg muscles. These knots are everywhere in your body and they lessen the length of your muscles and thus weaken them. Remove these knots with a foam roller. Especially work on backside and outer part of thighs, and calves.

2. Work on Technique

Removing the knots will help you in working on your technique which you’ve to do further.

An easy way to improve your vertical jump is to try to improve your technique. It’s important to maintain balance while descending in your load position before jumping. Support your weight on your midfoot in this position with an equal amount of flexion through your hips, knees and ankles. This position should appear like the bottom position of a deadlift or squat.

Once you master this position, you should use the stretch shortening cycle. This is the natural ‘rubber band’ system of your body that lets you use the energy from a stretched muscle for a fiery concentric muscle contraction. Imagine a tennis ball; the more forcibly you hit it on the ground, the higher it will rise.

To train this system, work on ‘pulling’ yourself down as quickly as possible. With this, you stretch your leg muscles, allowing the rubber band effect to occur. Practicing this loading position 5-10 times before your vertical jump is a good idea.

3. Hang Low

Practice on a rim lower than your current jumping ability to get the feel for your dunking immediately. The basket will still need you to jump your highest so as to build up muscles needed to slam.

4. Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness can pacify your body which is necessary for implementing ballistic movements accurately. Imagine touching above the rim and flushing the ball.

So, have you made up your mind to follow these tips and improve your vertical jump?