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Posted by on Sep 27, 2017 in Football |

5 Incredible Advantages of Youth Soccer

5 Incredible Advantages of Youth Soccer

Altitude Football Club ColoradoOver 1 ½ million kids take part in soccer and more than 220,000 adolescents are members of soccer teams. The game is gaining increasing popularity since the 70s and today it is the second most popular youth sport in the USA after baseball. Youth soccer can benefit your son or daughter tremendously.

1. It Builds Health

From the viewpoint of health, youth soccer offers a kid one of the best, though not the best, ways to get into top shape. An average soccer player runs about 7 miles during the course of a game. The combination of sprinting and endurance running builds short and long muscle fibers and develops aerobic and anaerobic capabilities. Youth soccer improves cardiovascular capability, body composition (reducing the quantity of body fat and increasing muscle mass) and flexibility, and doesn’t jar the body unlike baseball or basketball.

2. Builds Self-confidence

Besides health benefits, your young soccer player experiences an increased sense of self-confidence and improved social skills. By joining a youth soccer club like Altitude Football Club Colorado, while playing in a team with other fellows, the child has to interact in ways s/he wouldn’t learn in school. Playing as a team is essential for winning as a team, which includes communicating and passing on the field. Your kid may realize that s/he is better at communicating on the soccer field than anywhere else. There are relatively fewer incidents of individual insult on the soccer field (though it can happen to some extent). In general, team acts are more noticed than individual acts.

3. Relieves Stress

As your child can stretch her/his body in a lot of ways and can shout as much as s/he wants on the soccer field, the game is very helpful in relieving her/his stress. This is very helpful in the future to combat stress of increased competition in life.

4. Improvement in Studies

You may worry about your child’s progress in studies as you may think that s/he won’t focus on studies while being engaged into soccer games and practice. However, the good news is that children who play competitive games have been found to excel in schoolwork according to studies.

5. Increased Balance in Life

When your child will grow up, s/he will have to balance between work, studies, family, personal time and health while managing a very busy schedule. In that case, it’s always better that s/he starts to learn it early and youth soccer inculcates this habit of keeping a balance in the young age. Your child will start learning how to prioritize tasks and obligations that will make her/his daily life.

All in all, if you are looking for a way to bring about an overall development in your kid, consider youth soccer and your child will thank you.