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Posted by on Nov 23, 2016 in Outdoor sports, Sports Equipment |

Types of Kids’ Bicycles – Choose the Right One for Your Kid

Types of Kids’ Bicycles – Choose the Right One for Your Kid

little girl riding balance bikeBicycles have been one of the most favorite play tools of kids. Riding a bike with speed is the first introduction to adventure with the magic of gliding smoothly and swiftly on the road and cool breeze flowing fast over the body. A bicycle is an essential toy for your kid because it not only makes your kid happy, but also healthy, social and adventurous, and more closely bonded to you. Here are various types of bicycles for your kid to choose from.

Balance Bike

The simplest type of bicycle available is a balance bike. Its construction is simple and it’s easy to use, and so, it’s perfect to use for a small kid of age 2 to 4 years.

This bike has no pedals or chain; it has just the bike frame and wheels and to start it the kid has to walk on the bike with which the bike will run for a distance. Children should use their feet as brakes.

A balance bike should be your child’s first bike not only because it is small but also because it is the safest and most easily controllable bike for your kid. At you can read comprehensive balance bike reviews to make your decision more informative and educated.
As per your child’s preference, you can choose 2 or 3 wheels.

Training Wheel Bike

A training wheel bike is one of the best options for a kid learning to ride a bike. It has two small wheels attached on either side of the rear wheel which helps the rider to balance. Children feel confident because of these wheels that they won’t fall even if you don’t grab the bike from behind. Once the kid learns well to balance, the smaller wheels can be removed and the bike can be run normally.

Trailer Bike

A trailer bike is in fact designed as a couple-bike; however, the rear seat is of kid’s size. So, it’s actually for your kid to experience the riding and build confidence to ride on her/his own. Besides teaching your kid to ride the bike, you can spend quality time with your child with a trailer bike. A trailer bike is suitable to 4 to 7 year old kids who are tall enough to access the seat and can control the bike.

Kids Road Bike

Once your kid is ready for a two-wheeler, you can choose a kids road bike for her/him. This is a small version of adult bike; so, you can use the same criteria while choosing one which you use for an adult bike. However, you should also remember that you are buying it for a kid, meaning the kid will grow bigger and taller eventually and so, you should choose a slightly bigger bike so that it can fit your kid at least for two years.

Choose the most suitable bike from these for your kid and see her/him enjoying the ride!