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Posted by on Dec 16, 2017 in Sports Fans |

5 Great Tips to Experience the Once-in-a-Life Super Bowl Trip

5 Great Tips to Experience the Once-in-a-Life Super Bowl Trip

2018 Super BowlSuper Bowl is one of America’s most-watched events on television every year. But viewing the big game in person is coveted by every football fan. It’s a unique sports experience to seat in prime positions in the stadium and view the hottest pre-game activities where you can meet and greet NFL stars! Here are five tips for you if you are planning for heading to Minneapolis.

1. When to Buy Super Bowl Tickets?

It’s absolutely essential to buy 2018 Super Bowl tickets early and not wait for prices to drop. It’s quite likely that the market will head the other way. The Super Bowl ticket prices can be compared to stocks prices and you can expect fluctuations as teams win and lose.

2. Where to Stay if You’re Not a Local?

It’s natural for many people to try to get an accommodation near the stadium. However, rather than getting an accommodation next to the stadium, you should go where the action is. Typically, the excitement of the game will be centered on the downtown area of the host city. Keep in mind that if you are going to the game, you will be at the stadium only for a few hours. You will spend rest of your time in watching what the city has to offer.

Remember, however, that 90% of all hotel rooms are reserved in advance for the NFL and its sponsors. A significant part of the remaining 10% of rooms are bought years ahead by third party agencies who sell all-inclusive packages for people wanting to attend the big game.

Even travel agencies buy blocks of hotel rooms beforehand to resell individually. If you have no problem in paying market rate for rooms, you will get ample options from secondary sources.

3. What Parties to Attend?

Super Bowl parties will be the best thing for you to do on weekends. You will see corporate America here in the party. A significant part of what makes these parties so enthralling is the celebrities and performers. Remember that access is typically very limited; so, you will have to hurry.

4. How to Get a Chance to Meet NFL Players?

The Super Bowl is the best chance for fans to communicate with NFL players of both past and present. If you want a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, there are ways to hold personal dinners or golf outings with athletes.

5. When to Book Flight Tickets?

Just like accommodations, book your flight tickets as early as possible. Keep in mind that sometimes you can get routes to cities nearby the host city that might offer better and cheaper flight times.

It’s sure that the biggest weekend of football and all its associated celebrations make an extraordinary moment. So, if you want to experience all of it, follow the above tips and make it happen!